Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Angie vs. Best Buy...Round 2

For those just tuning in, here's the original post so you can catch up on this techno-fun.

So, I call my friends at Best Buy this morning to see what the status is on my computer. I thought, for a brief moment, that they might have taken the opportunity to combine their collective brain cell and figure out how to ship my computer to the correct repair center. Wishful thinking. "Tim" informed me that apparently no one in the entire Best Buy empire can fix my computer. Wow, I didn't realize that Sony made a computer THAT complex. Furthermore, if Best Buy knew this, why did they not hesitate to sell us the extended warranty on a machine that they can't repair. Things that make you go "Hmmmm?" Oh wait, you in the back...what's that? They're a bunch of idiots? Now, that wasn't very nice. Possibly true, but not very nice.

And so, upon hearing my head explode, "Tim" decided that he'd better come up with something quick before my hand came through the receiver. He said that he would talk with his store manager and they would figure out some resolution for me. I said "Good idea Tim. And I'll be there at 2pm to take home my resolution. And it had better be a brand new computer."

Tim calls me back an hour later explaining that his store manager has "authorized" him to give me a brand new HP with all the bells & whistles and that this is actually an upgrade from my Sony that I left with them. Really? The only upgrade I'll be accepting for my SONY is a SONY, pal. Is that clear enough for ya? See ya at 2pm, Tim.

Just as I suspected, when I arrive at 2pm, not only has my pal Tim fled the store, but the store manager has fled as well. You mean, they didn't want to deal with my 5'3" frame of Spanish temper in person? Smart guys. However, this is bad news for the backup store manager who gets to deal with me instead.

While my Dad is in the background throwing around terms like "my attorney says" and "questionable business practices" and "reimbursed damages", I very calmly explain to the poor store schlub what's been going on. And he asks me something that I never expected to hear. "What can I do to fix this?" Did I hear this guy right?

I show him a printout from the Best Buy website of a Sony computer comparable to what I had. And he proceeds to track one down at another store and assures me that it will be there tomorrow for me to pickup and take home. So, tune in tomorrow, for what had BETTER be a happy ending to this ridiculous story. Anyone care to lay odds on this turning out the way I hope it will turn out? Yeah, me neither.


Shannon said...

I've got my fingers crossed!

But you know, it would be a whole lot funnier (well, not to you) if this does go wrong tomorrow... just think of the blog fodder! hee hee hee!

Ok, but I really do hope the moronic doofuses @ BB get it right tomorrow for you!!!

Kat said...

No, now I think "idiots" might be too kind. Really. When we had our car dvd player issue...we took it to corporate. Who called the store manager and told them to exchange it. And they gave us a $25 gift card so that we might come back again.

You should so tell Best Buy corporate offices that you blog :-)

Rhea said...

Goodness, the saga continues! I hope you get a brand new, awesome Sony. Sheesh. What a mess!

Michelle said...

Well, at least it's moving along... sorta. I hope tomorrow's installment is the conclusion! Out of curiosity, were you able to recover your files at least?

Kelly said...

I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for you! I glad you finally spoke with someone who knows what customer service is!!

Jane said...

Girl I am on pins and needles!!
Can't wait for tomorrow!!

Lula! said...

"I'll be here at 2 pm to take home my resolution..."

You are rocking my morning, girl. I'm sorry this is a sucky situation...and I pray your resolution comes TODAY. And that it's what you want!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

You are HYSTERICAL and those BB guys better be SO afraid of you.

I totally agree about taking it to corporate if they don't fix it today


Make sure you can get your stuff off the old one!

CrystalChick said...

If more people stood up to companies and situations like this then companies might not do that crap in the first place and train their employees better, etc. etc.
Good for you being so strong! Sorry for your stress, but really good that you are standing firm.

I had an issue with Best Buy after buying a head unit for my car to accommodate my iPod. The jack broke and OMG it was only like a week after the warranty ran out. They would NOT honor it. Said I had to go thru Sony directly. You know, I really should have been more strict with them or atleast called Sony to see what they'de do or not and I just didn't. I was on overload and had other stuff going on and because the stereo and my cd's worked fine and the iPod was fine too, just not for the car, I let it go.

But a computer!!! That's a major item. Keep on it and have faith!! Wishing you the best.

Michelle said...

Soooooo what happened? It's long after 2pm!

Anonymous said...

uh oh. What if? What if the manager is there tomorrow and he gets mad cuz you went over his head?
What if the Sony isn't there but it's on it's way??
What if? Oh, I just can't wait!


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