Saturday, September 4, 2010

The King and I

I've never considered myself a person who becomes emotionally attached to furniture or home furnishings of any kind, really. I don't get misty-eyed when a couch moves on to a new home or a lamp just doesn't fit the space anymore. However, things changed drastically when we moved into our new home this summer.

Meet my old bed. It no longer resides in the master bedroom. It is now awaiting our first overnight guests in this new house, in our first guest bedroom. And I'm broken-hearted.

You see, this old bed that has served us well for over 7 years is too big for the new master bedroom. (How we managed to end up with the smallest bedroom in the house is still a mystery to me. We have 6 bedrooms for crying out loud?!) This classic sleigh bed is King sized and has one of the most comfy mattresses that I've ever slept on. But, it just won't fit. So, we had to downsize. To a full size bed. Which sucks. Royally.

Making the transition from the huge bed to the matchbox has been tough, but we're finally used to it. But for me, it's more than just the transition from roomy, to not-so-roomy. It's trading in a whole lot of memories for our future. That bed provided comfort in really tough times, a great place to snuggle in the mornings with the kids and a fabulous place to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning.

I'm excited about our new house and all of the memories that we will make here and I'm trying hard to give this new bed a chance. That's only fair, right?

Is it just me? Do you have a piece of furniture that you would hate to lose?

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Diana said...

You could always sleep in the guest room! I love, love my new king bed we finally have a master big enough for one!


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