Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Classics

I am a self-proclaimed movie addict. It started at an early age with viewings of Star Wars, The Wizard of Oz and my all time favorite, The Sound of Music. However, hubby & I were just discussing our favorite movies growing up and it got me thinking about classics that I have never seen before. Let's take a look at a few majors on the list.

The Graduate - I think Dustin Hoffman is great and Anne Bancroft is just fabulous! I'm more than a little surprised that I haven't managed to see this one yet.

Psycho - I was recently berated by some good friends over not having seen this one. I don't do horror movies and have always associated Hitchcock with classic horror films. Apparently I have been wrong this whole time. This one is on the list of films I need to see now.

The Philadelphia Story - I had never heard of this movie until I saw a clip of it in an episode of Gilmore Girls and just had to know what it was. The premise seems like classic romantic comedy/drama, which is right up my alley. I just need to get over my fear of black & white films.

Gone With the Wind - Alright, I heard the collective sigh from here. I know. How can I even call myself a southern girl?

Casablanca - I know, another shocker. I think my aversion to this film is that I dated a guy who was obsessed with the movie, which I just didn't get. So, I successfully avoided it all of this time. Perhaps I need to give it another shot.

Breakfast at Tiffany's - Of all the Audrey Hepburn films, I think either this one or "My Fair Lady" would probably be most appealing to me. Yeah, I haven't seen that one either. I know. How can I call myself a movie addict?

Now that I've unloaded this embarrassing secret (ha, ha), I'm a woman on a mission. I'm taking on AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies list. I love lists and AFI is an organization that I highly respect when it comes to cinema. So, I'll be updating you guys every month or so as to what new films I've checked off their list. Wish me luck!

What movie classics are among your favorites? What ones have you not seen so that I don't feel so alone here under this rock?


Kat said...

So...which ones have you seen from that list? I have seen almost all of them. I am glad you added Psycho to your list - does that mean you did watch "Rear Window?" Have you seen "Some Like it Hot?"

Personally...I was not a big fan of "Gone with the Wind." Now, the book...FABULOUS. It actually shocked me that I stayed up til 2am to finish it. It's a great book! And on that same note, I was not a fan of "The Godfather" movie either. I don't know how on earth you would even get a modicum of comprehension out of that movie unless you had read the book. And again...the book is AMAZING. FABULOUS. I might just start gushing. OH...wait..nevermind...

Shannon said...

"Some Like it Hot"... yes! I can't believe we didn't mention that movie last weekend. Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe... hysterically funny. Like, pee-your-pants funny.

If you haven't seen "Rear Window" yet, I say that should be your first Hitchcock film.

"Casablanca"... meh. I didn't like it. "African Queen" is my favorite Bogart movie.

I also don't care for "Breakfast at Tiffany's". If you want to watch an Audrey Hepburn film, you must must must watch "Roman Holiday". My all-time favorite movie.

I need to check out the AFI list. And I want to watch every single "Best Picture" Oscar nominated film... it's a task on my 101 list!

Rhea said...

Have you seen Gas Light? It's a black and white film where the husband tries to make the wife think she's going crazy...or something like like. One of the classics. LOL


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