Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Word Filled Wednesday - Why I need a new blog

Ok readers reader, so you might have noticed that I'm a pretty chatty gal. This blog has pretty much taken the place of all my vices (food included, yippee!) and it's certainly much more economical to pontificate here than it would be in a therapist's office for the many hours THAT would take.

So, I've been buying books and searching high & low for a way to completely revamp my blog's look, without spending a whole lot of money. Then, a contest fell into my lap and here I am, waving my arms, jumping up & down, begging and pleading for you to "Pick me, pick me!!" The sassy Shannon over at Eight Crazy Design is hosting a contest and the winner can get this gorgeous pre-made layout that I'm drooling over. If you scroll down on that linked page, it's the Purple Diva one that I want to win.

And so, I ask you to please cross your fingers and toes in the hopes that I might win this awesome contest because hubby already thinks that he's lost me just to writing on this blog. He has no idea how much I'll disappear if I have to start designing one from scratch. As I've already demonstrated, I'm no artist. This also applies to anything artistic that would be done on the computer as well. Thanks!


Angela said...

I like it!! I hope you win!!! I too need a new look. Of course first I need some imagination and I'm not sure I can buy OR win that, LOL!! I've got to find some time to play around on blogger and see what the layout rules are. I hate the templates they offer. No creativity a'tall! But SHannon's designs are gorgeous!!!

Angie said...

Thanks! I hope I win too! And I can't even imagine the cool site that you could create. You, who are so much more tech-y than I am. I am in awe! :-)

Kat said...

I had Darcy over at Graphically Designing do my blog...and she's so much fun to work with. But with a queue a mile long...and a contest offering...I'm thinking that 8crazy might just be where it's at! Hope ya win!!

Angie said...

Kat, I think Darcy did a great job with your site! And yes, I had actually looked into having her whip up something for me, but she has quite a line already formed. So, now I'm hoping for some good blog karma to come my way!

Shannon said...

thanks for entering...good luck!


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