Sunday, June 15, 2008

High School Heartache - Part 9

So, after finding out that our cats had the same name, I was totally convinced that I had found my soul mate. Call it young, naive, puppy love, but it was so much more than that. We had a deep seeded connection that didn't need words. We could sit in silence, enjoying the comfort of each other's fingers intertwined for hours just as much as we enjoyed going to big gatherings of people and forgetting that we weren't the only 2 people there. It was magic. However, with all magical things, there is always a dark force working in the background to wreak havoc. Our relationship was no different.

We came from 2 very different backgrounds. He came from a broken home and had a wonderful mom who was struggling to make ends meet. Bless her, she worked her fingers to the bone and I think strived to be more of a friend to her kids than an authority figure. I, on the other hand, had 2 parents that fought constantly and a Dad who was entirely too over-protective. It made dating a real challenge. That is, until I got my drivers license. Once I was mobile, the game was on. It was time to start REALLY dating.

Eric had a good friend that had been there for him since childhood. She, yes SHE, was a classmate of mine. I didn't really know her and honestly, she was someone that we kind of made fun of. She was the quiet, brooding, artistic type that kept to herself and therefore, bred all kinds of speculation about what she was really like. Rumors flew about that she was a lesbian, which honestly, put me at ease. I mean, at 16 years old, who really wants their boyfriend's best friend to be a girl?

One night, pretty early on in our courtship, Eric suggested that we hang out at his best friend's house. I wasn't opposed to it and besides, I would much rather be there WITH him. We talked for a bit and then I don't know what came over us. All I'll say is that his friend got a bit more than she bargained for when Eric & I proceeded to make out for quite sometime, while she was in the room. (And it was just making out. This series is rated PG-13 for heaven sakes!) I know, shame on us, but it was crazy. Speaking of which, this was the first time in our relationship where a song made a permanent impression on my psyche. I will never forget that while we were kissing, Seal's "Crazy" played in the background. That was just indicative of the whole situation. We were crazy to be acting like this, crazy to be at her house, crazy to think that this wasn't going to come back to haunt me sometime in the future.


HRH said...

You are so brave to be putting this all down. I just shudder to even think of the choices I made at this time in my life. What a fun series! I am coming back when I have time to read them all.

Thanks for stopping by the potluck!

Angie said...

Thanks Holly! It's really become my "much cheaper than therapy" series and I'm enjoying (somewhat) revisiting the old times. I'm just glad that they're in the past! Your site is way awesome and I feel honored that you've stopped by my little space on the internet. :-)

Angela said...

Love these posts! And do you know I once ended up driving ALL the way down the other side of the mountain, into Sequatchie County, because I missed the turn to Eric's house? I can't remember why I was meeting you there, but seems like maybe he was having a party? I just know it took me like two hours to get there. LOL!

Kat said...

I'm totally with you on the blogging is cheaper than therapy. Or meds...

Angie said...

Angela: I made that same directional error more times that I can count. I actually remember you telling me about that when you came to the party. Too funny! He did live way the hell out there!

Kat: Much much cheaper than therapy and meds!


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