Monday, June 30, 2008

The Boys of Summer

After the incredibly busy weekend that I just experienced, I needed something to kind of pick me up on this fine Monday. And what better way to put a smile on my face, but to go trolling for pictures of some of my favorite actors? And so, ladies, please sit back and enjoy this parade of pretty faces. I know I did.

Ben Barnes - If you're not familiar with this cutie, he's the newcomer who played Prince Caspian in the newest Chronicles of Narnia movie. A movie that I've not seen yet, but you better believe will be at the top of my Netflix queue when the release date is published! He's younger than me, which I guess would put me at cougar status, but I don't care. He is H-O-T. I think it's the long hair and the British accent that just ice this lovely cupcake.

Daniel Craig - Another incredibly good looking Brit. He's the newest James Bond and a great one at that. I've only seen him in one other movie (The Golden Compass, which I slept through), but what I saw of that performance was quite good. Ok, so it could have been a rotten tomatoes performance and I probably still would have been happy.

Johnny Depp - Oh my, be still my heart. I have been crushin' on Mr. Depp for many many years. It all started with a little show called 21 Jump Street that I used to tape and watch over and over again because I couldn't get enough. And he can fake a British accent pretty darn well. I much prefer him with long hair, but my fave look was him in Chocolat. Great movie!

Orlando Bloom - Ok, so I have a serious infatuation with British actors. I admit it. I'm sure there's a support group for it. I will never forget the first time I saw Orlando. It was the first Lord of the Rings movie and I stayed through the credits so I could get his name and immediately look him up on the internet when I got home. And it's been internet stalking ever since! He's totally cute and a great actor. I am the 1 person who liked Elizabethtown and will admit it. I think it's a southern thing. And a Cameron Crowe thing.

And, of course my main squeeze, Patrick Dempsey. I've seriously crushed on him since Can't Buy Me Love. That is still one of my all time fave movies. I think part of my love affair with this guy is the fact that he totally loves his wife and kids and isn't afraid to talk about them all the time in interviews. A guy who loves his family is totally sexy.

And there you have it. Some eye candy to improve our day. Enjoy. You're welcome.


Angela said...

Oh, now I think this needs to become a REGULAR feature! It just might make Mondays bearable!!! And I want to nominate Viggo Mortensen, Mark Wahlberg and Owen Wilson for next week's round. (I just watched Wedding Crashers again last night).

Thanks for the eye candy - definitely brightened up my Monday!

Kat said...

Ooo...great minds...I was gonna do this :-) Especially after all the comments about my visit with Johnny Depp in Texas.

Love that you put a real picture in your profile :-) But...I thought there were going to be oreos, too...

Rhea said...

That's some wonderful eye candy, I'm seriously lovin' it. THanks, Angie.

I wanted to let you know that I've moved my blog to a new address and have a new look as of today! Come visit when you have a chance.

American in Norway said...

Hey... where are the Oreos? That would have made for one funny picture!

Michelle said...

Very interesting... and again, it shows how uncultured I am, as I don't know who half those people are. But I TOTALLY remember covering folders in school with pictures of Johnny Depp from 21 Jump Street!

And Patrick Dempsey was in Can't Buy Me Love? Like the 80s movie from forever ago? Really?

Shannon said...

Your reason for loving McDreamy --- I am the same way about Billie Joe Armstrong (lead singer for Green Day)... there is just something incredibly sexy about a man who is completely in love with his wife and kids.

PS... I've loved reading your blog :)

Connordog said...

Ok I agree with Angela on Viggo, you can't leave him off. And Mark Wahlberg.

And for Brit actors what about Hugh Grant? And Colin Firth. Neither are hunky, but pretty hot in their own right.

And I keep watching Casino Royale on Blu Ray to see Daniel Craig in that bathing suit!

Angie said...

Angela: I think we have a new weekly feature! I'm writing down all the nominations and will feature 3-5 new hotties each week. Woo hoo! I now christen "Monday Morning Eye Candy".

Kat: Your Johnny Depp post was awesome! That pic was very hot. Thanks for the profile pic compliment! I couldn't work the oreos into my webcam pic where it didn't look completely wacko. :-)

Rhea: I am happy to share the eye candy love. :-) I'm updating my reader with your new addy. Thanks for letting a loyal reader know!

Tressa: Ha ha! I couldn't fit the oreos into the pic because of the angle at which my webcam was shooting. It looked really strange.

Michelle: Depp rules! And yes, the Dempsey movie from the 80's. I'm a geek who's always kind of gone for the dorky leading guy in movies.

Shannon: I agree about Billie Joe Armstrong. Nothing sexier than a family man! And I'm glad you're loving my mindless drivel. LOL! :-)

Steph: Those guys will get their due very soon, I promise. And I almost added Hugh, but cut the list short. Next week. Colin too! And I have GOT to get Casino Royale...immediately.

Angela said...

YES YES! Colin Firth and Hugh Grant definitely deserve some love. Hmm. I'm going to have to start thinking about this one and sending you some more nomiations! Love the new feature for Monday, since you know how I hate Mondays otherwise!

Love ya!

Kat said...

I love Monday morning eye-candy. I may have to get in on that action. Then again, lately I seem to be sticking all kinds of eye candy into my posts for absolutely no reason. Except it makes me happy :-)

Angela said...

Ohh!! I've thought of several more: Kiefer Sutherland (Lost Boys, et al), Matthew Goode (Chasing Liberty, which was dumb but totally worth it to see him), and Timothy Olyphant (Live Free...)

I think I'm gonna like this game, LOL!

Julianne said...

Johnny Depp-one of my faves.

I also enjoy a little Will Smith and George Clooney action.

Angie said...

Kat: You've become quite the master at throwing us eye candy when we least expect it. I'm still giddy from the Hugh Jackman "hello there".

Angela: Keep the ideas coming! I've already created the next 2 Monday's posts, but I like to plan ahead, you know. ;-)

Julianne: Clooney is a classic. Great idea. Will Smith is a cutie too!

Angela said...

And there is nothing wrong with that!

Angela said...

Okay, might as well make it a trifecta. Whee!!!!


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