Friday, June 6, 2008

Ghosts of Relationships Past

Yesterday was quite a day. I FINALLY saw the Sex & The City movie last night and am happy to report that I loved it. It wasn't what I was expecting, but it will definitely be added to the permanent DVD collection. I also began getting wrapped up in this love story by Pioneer Woman that my despicable wonderful BFF told me about. After spending literally hours crying, laughing, and ignoring my kids reading through all 34 chapters, I am finally up to date and on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next installment. All this estrogen powered love-talk, got me reminiscing about relationships over the years. There have been a few. So, walk with me while we stroll down memory lane and revisit some of the most memorable characters. (Disclaimer: all names have been changed to protect the not so innocent)


The year was 1988 and I was waltzing the hallowed halls of my jr. high alma mater as a lonely 8th grader. I was having a hard time fitting in to my new surroundings. For some misguided reason, I thought that looking up an old elementary school classmate would pull me out of these tween doldrums. So, I pulled out a class list from my elementary school and decided what a brilliant idea it would be to call a former male classmate of mine to see what he was up to!

It had probably been 7 years since we had seen each other (in the 2nd grade) and I was so sure that he would have wonderful stories to share with me, since we had both done so much growing up after all those years. Right. I finally tracked him down and surprisingly, he remembered me. (What can I say, 6 years old was a good year for me)

We began this phone correspondence that happened nightly (after homework, of course). There were lots of giggles and dreams shared and of course, we made the inevitable plans to finally reunite in person. It's amazing what a pair of teenagers can accomplish in 2 weeks. Apparently, young Danny got caught up in all the talking and giggling and decided to take our phone friendship into uncharted territory. A few days prior to the scheduled reunion, I opened my locker to find a long box wrapped with a red ribbon. Attached was a card with my name on it. I had never seen anything like it and my heart immediately started racing. What could this possibly be? And who was it from?

Mortified that any of my adolescent classmates might witness this spectacle, I quickly removed the ribbon and opened the gold papered box, in the hopes that I could hide it's contents. I was stunned to reveal a dozen long-stemmed red roses. Oh the humanity. Who could possibly cast this embarrassing moment upon me? I slowly opened the small envelope and revealed the card. It was decorated on the right side with a poor watercolor rendition of a fern & lily of some sort. Across the top was printed in an old-timey font the words "Especially For You". And there, in black & white typewriter strikes, were the words I couldn't believe. "Just Because I Love You. Danny."

Was this guy for real? I mean, I don't even know that I would characterize what we had as a relationship at all. It was almost a friendship, but more of an acquaintance kind of thing. He loved me? Oh surely not. The phone conversation that night was so awkward. I was none too happy about being embarrassed with this special delivery at school and I relayed that sentiment in some pretty colorful vernacular. He professed his "love", this time in full stereo, and I was helpless to just sit back and watch this train wreck. I tried, in the nicest way possible, to point out that we hadn't even seen each other in many years and that this 2 week phone relationship couldn't possibly have cultivated feelings beyond 13 year old adolescent curiosity about an old friend. And so, I dashed young Danny's hopes of ever having a reunion and demonstrated just how ungrateful some girls are about receiving flowers. (Editors note to hubby: This in no way reflects on my current position about how much I love receiving flowers. So don't think for one second that this is your get out of jail free card.)

I never kept in touch with young Danny after that phone call and I guess a small part of me hopes that he found someone who would appreciate his zest for floral delivery on unprepared females.

I, on the other hand, moved onto my freshman year in high school and was bitten by a bug, and his name was Lee.

{to be continued}


Kat said... people are determined to send me screaming to the doctor for meds. I can not handle the suspense. It's just wrong.

But don't you love PW? When I "discovered" her...I had to go back to the very beginning and read every - single - post. Cause that's the way I roll...

Rhea said...

No way. You didn't even meet up with him? Weren't you dying to see what he looked like more "grown up" and all? What a Kat said, I need more. I'm still working my way through PW's archives as well. She's amazing.

Angela said...

Oh, I cannot WAIT to read these chronicles!! It'll be like reliving our high school years all over again!!! Keep writing, keep writing! (Who needs sleep?)

Love and hugs,

Your BFF

Angie said...

Kat: I'm so sorry to leave you hanging! I must admit though, your response is exactly what I was hoping for from someone, so thanks for making me smile! :-) And I absolutely LOVE PW! I'm in the process of starting at the beginning. I roll that way too...

Rhea: Nope, I didn't even meet him. I kind of liked imagining what he grew up to look like. And there will be more, soon, I promise!

Angela: You're going to have to help me fill in the blanks. And yes, I'm going to rewind and go back to that fateful doorstep delivery in 6th grade. How embarrasing. Thanks for the reminder! That's why your the BFF!

Staci said...

okay i am super excited to start reading this!!! I am actually about to start mine.....thanks for stoppin by my blog today I FREAKIN LOVE sits!!!!


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