Monday, June 23, 2008

Deck Accessories

Since hubby finished our wonderful back deck for Mother's Day, we have been anxiously awaiting some accessories for it. We gave it serious consideration and then finally decided on 2 purchases that we could no longer be without. Hubby came home late one night and delivered the items to our deck. (We wanted to surprise the girls the following day with our new items.)

The next day, I couldn't contain myself to reveal the surprise. I opened up the french doors and the girls squealed with delight! Finally, a sand box that they can play in freely! And we searched 4 different stores for sand to fill this turtle and came up empty. We finally found Crayola colored sand at Kmart for $7 a bag. Too bad it took 6 bags to semi-fill the silly thing.

Here are the girls after the big reveal. They are stunned to see blue & pink sand.

I love pictures of kids feet. Those tootsies are just too cute for words.

The girls played for almost an hour in the sandbox and only managed to get about half a bag of sand on the deck. Oh well. We headed inside for lunch and a nap and miraculously, both girls slept for 2 hours. Yahoo!! As soon as they awoke, they both asked to put on their bathing suits and head out to our new pool. How could I say no? I dressed them and let them enjoy part 2 of the surprise.

This pool is one of those hard plastic kiddie pools and it has a slide molded into it. The girls went crazy! Ashlyn took on the slide first, so she could show Ailey how it was done.

Ailey is a very quick study. She had mastered that slide in no time!
The look on Ashlyn's face pretty much dictated the whole tone of that day. Lots of excitement and very happy girls!


Angela said...

Too cute for words! Did you tell me about this and I just missed it? I really am getting old! Anyway, what a fun surprise!! They look like they're having a blast!

Marianne said...

So cute! Your girls are like a glimpse into the future for me. They remind me of my daughters.

I love love love the colored sand! I wish we had that here. Not that it really matters since all they do is empty the sandbox all over the yard and make mud in the pool.

I found your blog from your comment on the SITS featured blog and I will be back for sure.

Oh, and be greatful that you've never seen The Wiggles. They are like crack here in my house. My oldest can never get enough and I have like 15 episodes (i'm not even kidding!) on my PVR right now.

Marianne said...

aren't you sweet! Thanks for stopping by :) I love making new friends!

Kimba said...

Now that looks like fun! I've never seen the crayola sand before! I would love that for our sand and water table. I'm going to have to look around for that.

Kat said...

We used to have that sandbox! But we just had plain, boring sand for ours. I can just hear the sqeals of discovering colored sand! Looks like a great day on the deck.

Rhea said...

What awesome surprises for the girls!! YOu just can't go wrong with a sandbox and a pool. Fun stuff!!!!

Angie said...

Angela: I can't remember who I told about it. Call it early alzheimers. They are definitely enjoying it!

Marianne: Welcome! Girls are so great! The colored sand has been a big hit. I just wish more would stay in the sandbox rather than on the deck. LOL. And I hear the Wiggles are pretty addictive. I might stay away after all.

Kimba: I saw it at both Walmart and Kmart. Good luck on your search!

Kat: I tried to get plain old brown sand, but apparently, you have to be pretty quick on the draw to get that stuff!

Rhea: I totally agree!


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