Monday, June 23, 2008

Pay It Forward...Toddler Style

Much of the day has been spent decluttering my HORRENDOUSLY CLUTTERED living room. We're talking clutter so bad that I was entirely too embarrassed to even photograph it so my wonderful readers reader could be aghast with horror. It.was.that.bad.

Anyway, as I began on this huge endeavor, I enlisted the help of my oldest child. (She was trying very hard to get out of naptime today, so manual labor was her only out) When I explained to her that we were bagging up toys to give to children who didn't have toys, she seemed to really get it.

I beamed with pride as she brought me a ball and said, "Mommy, let's put this in the bag to give to children who don't have any balls to play with." Wow, what a great sense of giving I have instilled in my child!

Before I could break my arm patting myself on the back, she burst my bubble with this follow up comment. "That ball is Ailey's and she doesn't need it anymore." I see. Apparently, it's ok to donate her sister's toys, but she wasn't about to give up her own stuff. I guess I have instilled Robin Hood syndrome upon this child. Oh well, they say charity starts at home!


Kat said...

ACK...I hate blogger. I have typed this message enough times :-)

Okay...what was I saying? Oh...we have played the declutter game. My kiddos want to get rid of each other's stuff...and then they want to purge nice, expensive things and keep the crap.

We are going to do a big consignment sale soon - need to get started on the bag, hang, and tag process.

Angela said...

Kat and I must be having the same problem with blogger tonight. GRRRRR!!! Anyway, as I was saying last time I tried to post this - your eldest is way ahead of you in the game of "let's kill two birds with one stone." Wonder what reaction you'd get if you said "okay, that's fine, and we'll let your sister choose one of your toys to give away too!" LOL!

Michelle said...

Awww, that's so sweet! And yep, so totally typical. Many of my friends' kids do the same thing. Mister Man, on the other hand, tries to give away his favorite (as in currently plays with and loves) toys, and I have to try to explain that we don't give away the "good" ones but instead the ones we're finished with. Then I feel like a chump.

Angie said...

Everyone, I think blogger was having major issues tonight. So annoying!

Kat: I got more done in the hour after the kids went to bed than I did in the 6 hours prior when they were "helping" me. Sometimes, mommy has to make the executive decisions. And I'm starting to work on the mega pile of stuff for consignment tomorrow. Whoopee.

Angela: I think I'll take that road next time. Should be interesting to see what develops. Ha ha!

Michelle: Ashlyn did offer to give up her shiny polished rocks that I brought all the way back from Maine just for her. I almost cried considering she wanted to give them up for a stuffed rabbit, when she's got literally hundreds of stuffed animals in her room already. ??? The mind of a toddler is a mystifying thing!


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