Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We interrupt this life for a blast from the past

Ok, so I promised you an update and here it is. First, let me thank my BFF for being the really nosy incredible researcher that she is. I am still AMAZED at how quickly she can get info on the internet, when I have tried for months and failed.

First, the Lee story seems to have struck quite a chord. He really was a jerk when we were teens, but apparently his big ego paid off for him later in life because he's quite successful. Apparently he's a financial planner in the Dallas/Fort Worth area (Rhea, are you in the safe zone?) and has been written up in many periodicals for his "revolutionary approach" that his business takes. I'm also quite sure that he wrote the copy on his website because no one could talk about the greatness of Lee, more than Lee himself. I wish him well!

Now, the really juicy news. The purple paisley guy is back in the picture! Yes, despite my better judgement, I emailed him yesterday after my wonderful BFF furnished me with his email addy in a matter of seconds. I'm telling you gang, she missed her calling as a P.I.! Anyway, I sent him a very brief message that went a little something like this.

Hi PPG! I know it's been a lot of years since I trampled all over your feelings we've spoken, but here I am! If you would like to find out where I live so you can send me dead flowers catch up, then email me back.

And within minutes, I had a response! "I would love to." Oh my goodness, this can't be! He's forgiven me and actually wants to know what I'm up to these days. So, I wrote this long email last night, essentially glazing over the major events of the last decade (and change) and he wrote me back today with some answers that I've been looking for. And for a moment, I was reminded of why I loved reading his letters all those years ago.

For those on the edge of your seat about the book, he said he never finished it and doesn't plan to return to it. Phew! Did you hear that sigh of relief from me? He also pointed out that he's married with a child and crazy, head over heels in love with his wife. That was nice to hear. However, this next part is what struck me as so sentimental. Frankly, I didn't know guys had this gene, so I was totally taken off guard. He said that while taking his family to a beautiful European destination last year, he thought of me. And then he asked if I remembered why. (And I don't, so we'll be visiting that story at a future date) He also then said that a specific musical artist's songs always remind him of me. Wow, and I thought girls were the only ones who associated music with deep seeded emotional events and memories! (More on that phenomenon with the upcoming Eric story) And then, the clincher. He apparently lives quite close to my younger brother and would love to get together the next time I'm there visiting. Oh my, I just don't know about that. So, there you have it!

Now, I simply must go cue up my mix tape and start crafting the Eric story before Kat pays me a visit to personally ream me for leaving you guys hanging. Ha ha!


Rhea said...

ROFL Kat can be pushy at times if you don't keep blogging to her liking. hehe (Love ya, Kat!)

So, paisley guy is in DFW huh? Yep, I'm a little north of Dallas, so that's my area. lol Very cool you got in touch with him.

Your friend who should've been a PI cracks me up! She's good with a keyboard. :o)

I decided to throw a surprise giveaway on my blog! Stop by if you're interested. :o)

Michelle said...

Wow.. your friend rocks. Can I have her help me find some things?

So would you actually get together with him when you are in the area? Interesting concept after not seeing him for so many years!

Angie said...

Rhea: Actually, Lee lives in DFW. The not so nice guy. PPG lives outside D.C., close to my brother.

And yes, my friend is amazing with the computer!

I checked out your contest because, I LOVE FREE STUFF!! :0)

Michelle: My friend totally rocks! She might be willing to lend her services. Hee hee hee.

I'm not sure if I would meet with him at this point. I think it would be really awkward and uncomfortable. Lucky for me, he lives a good 10 hours away and I have no plans to visit my brother again any time soon. So, plenty of time to ponder this question. :-)

Kat said... that comment resembles me! And who was it (Rhea) who demanded to know where my Tuesday Blog entry was?! Enough small talk. Back to the story. :-)

Angela said...

Hey Ladies!

I am the BFF in question and in honor of Pioneer Woman (run, don't walk, to check out her blog), I gotta keep it real here. I am ROTFLMAO at Angie's glowing comments and, while I would love to claim special search skills with the computer, I swear all I did was google Purple Paisley Guy's name. Promise! And up popped an article about his employer. Based on what Angie had told me she knew about his current situation, it was easy enough to guess that was him, so I clicked and there he was in living color! The funny part is, I guessed wrong in selecting which party in the photo was PPG. He's changed a bit since our high school days!

But yeah, I'm happy to help any time I can! LOL! And I'm loving these stories from our past so much!

Angie said...

Kat: You're so funny! I'm working hard on another installment. I actually had to get some work done today, so I'm a little behind schedule. Something about paying for electricity and food. So annoying.

Angela: You're too modest. I think you're a whiz at finding info! You are my "go to" woman. :-)

sky said...

Your BFF should think about a career change.. or she could do it part-time/freelance :P

Phew! Thank god PPG didn't continue with the book. Tell us when/if you do meet up with him and what happens!!
(LOL - I'm such a busybody)

Angie said...

Sky: You guys will definitely be in the know if I ever meet up with PPG. Knowing him, now that he knows my whereabouts, a reunion will most likely happen eventually. :-)


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