Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I've always had a love/hate relationship with my hair. When it's long, it gives me a headache and when it's short, it's got a mind of it's own. It used to be straight as a board (until a horrible perm in early adolescence) and now it's got a LOT of natural wave, which again, attributes to the unruliness. I pretty much only wear it in a ponytail, because frankly, I refuse to spend more than 5 minutes in the morning doing anything with it. I'm not good with "hair products" or a blow dryer, so I just don't use them. I'm that lazy. Well, those days might be over now.

Last night, after I cleaned up the dinner dishes, I was struck by this feeling...we'll call it "being DONE". I was DONE with all the hair that clogs my shower drain. DONE with the headaches from the weight of my ponytail pulling on the back of my head. DONE with the whole kit & kaboodle. So, I decided to go chop my hair off. I informed hubby of this momentous event about to take place and after he dried his tears, he agreed to take a pic of what was about to leave our home. (What is it with guys and long hair anyway?) BTW, it was his idea to pull out the tape measure. From the top of my head to the longest strand, marked 22 inches.

I bid adieu to my family and promised not to come home with too much of a scalping. I had already decided that I was going to take off at least 10 inches, so that I could donate the hair to Locks of Love. Great organization that makes wigs for financially disadvantaged kids who have lost their hair due to medical treatments. This was actually my 2nd donation in 2 years. What can I say, my hair grows fast.

The stylist asked what I wanted and told her that I really didn't know. Big mistake. She threw some ideas at me and they all sounded cute, but if it's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that I have no idea what my hair will really do. I've stopped torturing myself by picking out celebrity hairstyles that I want, only to have my hair do something completely opposite. So, my head was in her hands. She cut, and cut, and cut, and cut and then I started to get a little nervous. By the time she was done, I had this cute (and much shorter than I intended) head of hair with short layers and lots of body. You like?

I headed back home, ready to face the firing squad for my radical transformation. Hubby seemed to be ok with it, even though I sensed a bit of a glazed look at times. My youngest says she likes it. My oldest is still not quite sure. She keeps giving me this quizzical looks, like she can't BELIEVE I would do such a thing.

Oh, and I do like it. I feel about 5 lbs lighter and it's nice to now only need 2 minutes to get my hair ready in the morning. But, if I do feel like really doing something with it, I came home with a bottle of styling product...just in case.


Kat said...

Oh, it looks really cute. Katie just donated her hair two weeks ago. Mine is really long...almost to my hips. But I think it would way too traumatic to get it cut. So...did you lose weight when you did it? :-)

Angela said...

Yay! It looks GREAT! I still want to see it from the front, too!?

I know how much lighter you must feel. When I get my hair cut even a couple inches, it feels SO much lighter and refreshing.

Sweetie Pieties said...

It looks great! Good for you!

Angie said...

Kat: Thanks! I think the stylist had a harder time parting with my hair than I did. This is the 4th time that I've cut a LOT of length off, so it's old hat for me. And yes, I did lose 1 lb from all that hair. Woo hoo!

Angela: Thanks! I'll email you a pic of the front. It looks really great now that we've had swim lessons this morning and I had no dryer or comb. The curl is out of control!

Eleanor: Thanks! I really do feel so much better, especially with this lovely southern summer that's now upon us!

sky said...

I have the same kinda relationship too :P I'm lazy with hair products and styling too! I have at one point decided to get a really short haircut like those models in ANTM :P

Your new do looks good! Hope it's easy to maintain :)

Angie said...

Sky: Thanks! It's so easy to maintain, that it should be a crime. Although, I was ready to use product this morning and blow it straight, when I discovered that I apparently gave away my hair dryer. Oh well, another thing to pick up at Target! That shows ya how often I use a hair dryer.

Angie said...

Love the hair cut! I did something similar las year and am glad I did. Mine is too short for a ponytail as I keep going shorter which was a tough adjustment for me. But, when I am cleaning the house or doing yard work, I just use a headband to keep the sweaty hair out of my face. :)

Angie said...

Thanks Angie! It's finally starting to grow on me (no pun intended). I have enough length on top to pull it back just a bit, but I've already noticed a HUGE improvement in my heat index level. It's much cooler this summer without all that hair!


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