Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday Morning Eye Candy

Hello all you Monday Morning Eye Candy enthusiasts! Last week, time (and inspiration) got away from me, but I'm back. This week has no particular theme...just hotness!

Adam Levine (this frontman for Maroon 5 is what Shannon would refer to as dorkalicious)

Magnus Scheving (ok moms, has anyone seen LazyTown? Sportacus? Anyone?)

Ian Somerhalder (a LOST hottie and a Brit)

Jeremy Sheffield (saw him in The Wedding Date)

Hunter Parrish (currently cougar hunting on Weeds; and yes, he looks 17, but he's actually 22)

Enjoy the view! See you here next week.


skywind said...

Oh, healthy, handsome, sunlight man's spokesman. : )

Brandy said...

Dorkilious looks good! And now that I finally know Hunter's real age I can admit to how much of a hottie he is! Damn.

CaraBee said...

I heart Sportacus. I think I prefer him with the pointy mustache, though.

Shannon said...

Another LOST hottie featured?! We just may get you "right with God" (as Lula would say) yet! ;)

Hellllloooo, Hunter! But he does look 17! Maybe it's just that picture?

Kat said...

I love me some Silas :-) I am glad to know his age...cause he really does look like the teenager he portrays. I like the short hair he has this season, though...

Creepy said...

Dorkalicious is my favorite... love Adam...and his sexy voice.. yum.

And that last guy? DREAMY!!!

Angela said...

Okay, girlfriend, I owe you some major comment love! Get ready!

I am loving the MMEC catchup - makes my Happy Friday even better!

I have never seen some of these guys, but this is an education I can get excited about!


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