Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Wreck This Journal" Wednesday

Angie's Spot

This is a new feature that we're launching this week that will hopefully be appealing to you creative thinkers out there. And I say "we" because this weekly post is going to be co-hosted by my new friend, Tonya! Tonya was one of my swap partners in the Christmas in July swap and she gave me this really cool book called "Wreck This Journal". It's a journal like no other!

This journal is an experiment. It's a chance to show your creative side. An opportunity to express yourself in a journal like you never have before!

And so Tonya & I really hope that at least a few of you will pick up a copy of this journal and join in this experiment with us. Let's unleash the creativity!

Each Wednesday, one of us will post here about what we've done in our journal that week and talk about how that experience affected our lives. It's going to be an interesting journey! So, pick up a copy of the journal, work on a page or 4 and be ready to link up your entry next week. Let's learn about each other together!


Kristen said...

that sounds like such a fun idea! I think I may have to go check that out tomorrow!

Heather said...

Sounds interesting; I'll check it out.

Michelle said...

I'd love to do it but ummm in order to keep up wit hall the things I'm working on already, I need to quit my job ;) I look forward to reading it though!

Angela said...

I will have to get you to tell me more about this this weekend. I like the idea, but like Michelle, I'm already overwhelmed (as evidenced by the fact that I have not commented on your last ...well, let's not count how many...posts! Or Michelle's! I'm a terrible friend right now!)


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