Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Trim the Fat" Thursday

Well, another week, another update! I must admit that I started this day out on a major downer, but it's wrapping up nicely, so I'm going out on a high note. Let's do this!

Let's review the progress of last week's goals.
1. Get in 3 workouts: I am thrilled beyond words to say that I didn't get in 3 workouts last week...I got in 4!!!! That's right! Two yoga sessions, 1 cardio/strength class, and 1 class (that is now the bane of my existence) of spinning. Have I mentioned that spinning is HORRIBLE? Just checking. My special thanks to both Lisa & Diana for being so encouraging to me this week. I'm so glad that I've got great friends!
2. Try a nutritious recipe: Yeah, not so much. Michelle, email me your handle on Sparkpeople so I can find your recipes that you mentioned. Thanks!
3. Take measurements: Didn't happen, but that's going to change this week.

I weighed in this morning and discovered that I had gained 1.5 lbs. I was PISSED! And then the emotional eating set in. It was bad. And then to add insult to injury, I had a Dr's appt this afternoon and that's where I got a serious dose of tough love. I love my Dr! She's realistic, informative and a straight-talker. She gave me a lot to mull over and a healthy dose of perspective. Anyway, all of this to say that I am finally ready to get serious about the food side of things. And I've already stepped away from the scale. I didn't weigh myself once since my weigh in last week! But my capris are feeling looser, so things must be changing.

Now for this week's goals.
1. Try a new, nutritious recipe
2. Take those measurements!
3. Get the book that my Dr recommended
4. Get in 3 workouts

So, how did you do this week? What did you struggle with? What triumphs did you have? Link up here and let's support each other!


Niki said...

Goodluck Angie! You can do it!

Jane In The Jungle said...

Good for stepping back from that scale...and FOUR workouts especially with go girl!!

Connordog said...

You CAN do it! Don't get discouraged by weight gain. It could be muscle!!! Or hormones, who knows??

Michelle said...

Nice job on the workouts. Yoga totally rocks, doesn't it? Keep up with the spin. I've heard it's horrible when you start but that if you stick with it, you'll love it... not that I'd know from experience. I've never umm made it through a spin class (don't do it after donating blood FYI). I'll send you an email. And measure -- really!

Shannon said...

You rocked it on the workouts this week!

Do you think walking a million miles this past week whilst at Sea World and Busch Gardens counts as "working out" for me? I seriously think I sweated off 5 lbs. At least.

But with all the pigging out on spinach dip, fried calamari, mozzarella sticks and Shamu ice cream bars... I probably put those 5 lbs back on.


Angela said...

Awesome job and don't worry about such a slight gain. That could just be water weight or hormonal.

I did okay this week. Not perfect on food, but I did get in three workouts, including a run last night (yay me for running BEFORE going straight for the martinis!)

Love ya!

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Lula! said...

I know. I feel you, I hear you...I know.

And today I went to the doctor and got stuck with a syringe full of Vitamin B 12. The doctor I sleep with SWEARS it helps with weight loss. We'll see...

Brandy said...

You go girl! Four workouts is AWESOME!!!

I didn't do as well during my vacation as I'd hoped. Lots of walking & adequate water, but I forget the vitamins. :(

Ah well. Try, try again right?!

Cousin B said...

Hi Angie,
I'm new to your site, but was intrigued by your Paula Dean book giveaway, :-( so sorry for your luck that day! But, I too love her! I'm a food network junkie, Also a Pastry Chef who does wedding cakes. And then, I am also fighting 30lbs that have taken up residence on my a-- without my permission. Soooo I would love to have a network of people also to keep me accountable as I try with you to take off weight and get into shape! Can I jump on this wagon?


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