Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Memorial Day outing pics

It's been a while since I've blogged about any family outings. For the handful of people who come here specifically looking for pictures of the kids, well, here ya go.

For Memorial Day, we took a little drive to a new development in North Georgia that is building vacation homes. The first house is still under construction, so we were checking out the amenities that the place has to offer. (We're not in the market for a vacation home, mind you. Hubby was involved in one of the recreational activities on site.)

Isn't the view gorgeous?

There was this giant pipe tube that served as a great slide!

And here go the 3 Musketeers

Next up was a spirited game of tetherball

And then we went to check out this AWESOME tree house. I would love to have this in our backyard at home.

The girls thought it was pretty cool

Little A & I were fighting over the swing. Ok, not really.

Daddy & Big A

It was a nice little outing and thankfully the weather wasn't miserably hot (like it is currently). A good start to our Summer!


skywind said...

Because just had army's sacrifice, only then had our today's joy. Naive and happy children. : )
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Jane In The Jungle said...

WOW what a treehouse!!! And where exactly is this place??

Michelle said...

That is one awesome treehouse! I love it. And that slide? I've seen them like that before but never gone down them. Do they work well?

Brandy said...

Amazing treehouse! I bet the girls didn't want to leave.

Angela said...

Great pics!! Looks like fun! And yeah, this heat? I am SO over this heat. Ughhhhhh....

Shannon said...


That is one wicked treehouse! I'll have to show the girls that pic when they get home!

Heather said...

That treehouse rocks!

The slide looks awesome!

Your babies are adorable!

(Did I cover everything?)

Jen said...

That treehouse is not much smaller than my actual house. Very cool!


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