Thursday, July 16, 2009

Friday's Foto Finish Fiesta - The Beach Trip

Yes, it's been a month and a half since we went to the beach. Yes, I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. Yes, we had a lovely time. Yes, I wish I was back there right now. Ok, yes, I would actually rather be at Disney World, but right now, a trip anywhere would be favorable. Here are some of my favorite shots from the trip.

The beach at Hilton Head, SC

Playgrounds, a Dolphin Boat Experience, Miniature Golf

The Sights of Savannah, GA

We had a great time and have lots of memories to last us until we make it to the beach again!

For more fabulous foto stories, head over to see Candid Carrie!


Kori said...

I wanna go to the beach too. Let's go.

Brandy said...

Me too. It's raining right now which makes me want to go even worse than normal.

WackyMummy said...

Dolphins and the beach... you've been busy! Looks like an awesome time. =)

Kat said...

We are not doing the beach this summer. I am really missing it.

How do you do the collages??

And did you know that Disney is doing free dining for the rest of the year???

Jane In The Jungle said...

I just want to go to Savannah...wah......
feeling a tad homesick!

CaraBee said...

I have always wanted to go to Savannah. I've heard such amazing things. The pictures look amazing!

Michelle said...

Oh how very cool! I love the scrapbook look to the photos. Everyone looks so happy, and that starfish is way cool. I've never seen one on the beach before. I so need a vacation. *sigh*

CrystalChick said...

Looks like fun!
I wouldn't mind being at Disney right now either.

I received the cookbook. Thank you!!!


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