Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Morning Eye Candy

Sorry, I'm a little late with the eye candy today. Life has been intervening a LOT here lately. However, it's still morning somewhere, right?!

Vanity Fair recently conducted a poll asking "Who is the Most Handsome Man in the World?" Let's see who their top 5 ended up being. Roll em'!

Coming in at #5 is Clive Owen

In at #4 is the always delicious, Johnny Depp

#3 is Brad Pitt

#2 is a new one to me ~ Nacho Figueras (Muy caliente!)

And at #1...with 51% of the vote...My guy, Robert Pattinson
(and no, I didn't vote even once on this poll...seriously)

I'll be showing some more results from this poll in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! And Happy Monday!


Shannon said...

Seriously?! The second most handsome man in the world is a guy named "NACHO?!

Kat said...

Yeah...I'd have issues with the nachos.

And Clive is for sure in my top five list. But...ummmm...where is Hugh Jackman and Gerard Butler??

Brandy said...

Johnny Depp has been delish since 21 Jump Street days...yum, yummy!

Shannon said...

Also missing from this list?

Daniel Craig.

Angela said...

I have to agree with Shannon. DC takes top billing over the ANYbody named "Nacho."

(Seriously, he's hot but all I can think is "Nacho Libre." And trust me, it's not a movie you want to waste your time on!)

brainella said...

Angie, may not like this but I call shenanigans on that poll. Clive Owen is significantly more handsome than all of them put together. :-)

CaraBee said...

I have to agree with Brainella. While I enjoy me some Robert Pattinson, Clive Owen has got WAY more sultry sexy vavavoom. Maybe I'm getting old because the young guys just don't appeal to me anymore. Good or bad thing?

Creepy said...

Johnny Depp is delectable...and bill always get top billing with me but that Mr. Pattinson... my. oh. my. He is scrumptious...too young yes... but I still want to lick him...

Sara said...

Angie I just have to share my love or Robert with you. :) I love him and I think he's just so gorgeous! Team Edward! :) LOL!


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