Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

Happy New Year!

I used to think my grandma was full of it when she said repeatedly that "the older you get, the quicker time moves." She was right.

How is it possible that it's 2012 already? It seems like just yesterday, I was sitting in a classroom, tuning out a teacher, daydreaming about how old I would be in 2000 and how that seemed so far away. My, my, how time flies.

I'm excited about what this new year will bring to me and my family. I have a lot of hopes and wishes and plans and am very interested to see just how much of it I can make happen.

I'm not going to throw out a list of resolutions because there's already a list of things that I'm working on, which I'll update throughout the year. My deadline to complete as much of that list as I can is December 30th. The race is on!


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