Friday, January 20, 2012

Fat Ass Friday

Another week, another weigh in. Here's the skinny (I wish) on this last week.

Starting Weight: 218.7
Last Week's Weight: 220.2
Current Weight: 222.0
+Gain/-Loss This Week: +1.8 lbs
+Gain/-Loss Overall: +3.3 lbs

The good news is that my shingles are much better and my meds are tapering off. The bad news is that the steroid that I'm on causes weight gain, which isn't helped by the fact that Aunt Flo's visiting this week. Sigh. Kick me while I'm down, damn mother nature. But, my attitude is good and I've been drinking lots more water and drinking far less soda. Progress is progress! I'm looking forward to getting off my meds in another week and hopefully start to see the scale tip in the other direction for a change.


Cerise said...

So glad you are doing better! I'm sure the weight from the steroids will come off really quickly! Keep up the water drinking!!

Angela said...

Yay for shingles going away quickly! And I know steroids suck, but next week will be better. I've got AF coming next week myself so I have been annoyed this week to see little progress myself, but I know if I can keep up the jogging, by end of e month I should be seeing progress on the scale.

Hang in and you will rock it next week!

Brandy@YDK said...

Shingles are the worst. And steroids will totally make you gain weight. Chris had to do steroids and he gained weight overnight.

Melissa said...

Shingles suck. Keep up with the water and I hope this week is better for you!


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