Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life in a Small Town

I don't know if I can actually call where I live a "small town", but at the very least, it's a small city. It's full of a lot of really interesting people that come from many different backgrounds.

You have the ones that have lived in the same house, on the same land since their granddaddy farmed that land back in the early 1900's.

You have the ones that have just landed here from Europe because of a new car plant being built here.

You have the transplants from the north who think they're moving into Hicktown, USA and soon find out that they couldn't be further from the truth.

You have illegals from Central America who have come here to do the jobs that many others won't, so they can try to support the others they left behind.

You have young professionals who have lived here their entire lives and are now settling into a new pair of shoes that don't belong to a parent.

And you have me, a 30 something mom who is home-grown. Who loves going to the grocery store and having the cashier recognize me because I shop there every week. Who loves having cool activities to share with my kids and running into old friends that I haven't seen in ages...and picking up right where we left off. Man, I love this town.

Do you love where you live? Why?


Amy @ Milk Breath and Margaritas said...

I was just thinking this morning, through the haze of my head cold, about posting about this!

I live in Nashville and I love it here. But I don't really have a place that calls to me, is mine, that is "home."

JANE said...

Even though I am a transplant from Ga, I love living here. I love seeing people I know when I go out and then being able to go out and not see people I know! I LOVE all the activities that are available for the kids and the rest of us. And I love it the best, cause it's Big Daddy's hometown and he's able to share the history of it with our kids! I really can't imagine being any where else!

Kat said...

I do love where I live. I love my neighborhood. I love that Madalyn's school is just around the corner. And I love that I don't run into people I knew from way back when :-)

Diana said...

I hate change enough said.

Angela said...

Well, you know me. I love where we live now, but Tennessee will always be "home". It still feels like coming home when I go home, even though I'm not home. I know, it's weird. But that's how it feels!

Shannon said...

So were you thinking of me when you wrote "transplants from the north who think they're moving into Hicktown, USA"? ;)

But now, in all fairness, when we did move down from the North... we did go to AL for a year before coming here. And that place was Hicktown, USA (no offense to anyone from AL!)

When Shane and I were driving home through Atlanta last weekend... you know we hit the tailend of rush hour. Made me so glad we don't live in a city that big!

Michelle said...

I would love to be from a town like this, although it would be hard to move into one.

Where I live is somewhat like this, as there are a TON of people who grew up here who still live here, but there's a lot of new growth and a lot of people who have moved in, as well. I do like where I live, as people are plenty friendly, but ... I'd take a slower pace of life happily!


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