Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Favorite Posts of the Week

I have been hitting all cylinders for a few weeks now, but in the 5 minutes of downtime that I get every so often, I have been trying to note some of the funniest posts that I can share with you. Here's my top winners for this week.

Jenny at The Bloggess hits it out of the park again with a HILARIOUS lesson in why marketers need to make sure they know who they're pitching to.

Anissa at Hope for Peyton gives us a hilarious look at house hunting with kids.

Holly at June Cleaver Nirvana is one of my fave bloggers because of a little thing she calls "Holly's Animated Life." This woman can do stick figure theater like no other and I bow to her wit and talent. This episode is an homage to the family road trip.


Michelle said...

Nice :) I appreciate the heads up. A friend of mine once pointed me in the direction of someone who does Lego stories, which was one of my favorites. The stick figures... priceless!

Lula! said...

MMEC, please.

Angela said...

I will definitely check these out! And I'm sorry to Lula, that the MMEC edition was delayed so you could honor my birthday! Love ya!


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