Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stingrays, snakes & butterflies, oh my

Make sure you come back by tomorrow to check out my first VLOG and to get the scoop on a giveaway that I'm doing. In the meantime, let's go on a field trip!
We had a great outing to the TN Aquarium a couple of weeks ago with some good friends. Here are some highlights from the visit.
Big A is fascinated by the butterfly garden. She always wants to go there first. And each visit is a new quest to get a butterfly on her finger. I'm happy to report that this trip was a success x3!
Little A wasn't going to let big sister have all the butterfly fun.

Little A has no fear of animals. She was all about this boa constrictor. I once scared at least 5 years off my mom's life with a boa constrictor. That's a funny story I'll have to share sometime.

The girls love the pool where you can touch the sharks and sting rays.

Here's 75% of the kids checking out the Blue Macaws. These birds crack me up. They tend to talk incessantly and often say rather humorous things.

This jellyfish tank is one of my favorite spots. So serene. One of these days (when I figure out how to REALLY use my fab camera) I'll get a really great shot.

And there's the trip in a nutshell. If you're ever close to East Tennessee, you should check out our aquariums!


Shannon said...

I swear, the As really are the cutest kids ever.

Next to my own, of course!

Amy @ Milk Breath and Margaritas said...

The A's are just beautiful!

brainella said...

We've been to the Chattanooga aquarium multiple times. It's a great place. :-) We're going to the TN Railroad Museum to see Thomas the Tank Engine in May too. Dominic is way excited.

Angela said...

Looks like fun! I love "our" aquarium. That one will always be home to me. The one here just doesn't feel right. It's not the same as home!

The girls look so cute. I can't believe their hair is getting so long again. Oh, for the days when I could grow my hair out and someone else had to wash, brush and curl it, LOL!

And I cannot WAIT to see the VLOG. Hurry, hurry!!

Michelle said...

Oh that looks like so much fun. I love that they have a butterfly area in the aquarium. And how cool that they just land on your fingers!


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