Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"What If" Wednesday

Let's see what the book of "If" has for us today!

If you could arrange for one thing to befall your boss, what would you have happen?

Wow, I was a little thrown by this question at first, mostly because I'm one of the lucky ones who really likes her boss. So, I would want something really good to befall him.

My wish would be that he would come into a large inheritance of money because he & his family richly deserve it. They have given back to their communities in so many ways and I would love to see them have a financial windfall that could really make things easier.

Now, what would you wish on your boss? Good or bad?


brainella said...

I have a great boss too. I know she's always wanted to have a child, so I think that's what I'd wish for her. :-)

Brandy said...

I have a great boss too - he's my Dad! ;}

I'd wish health and prosperity to him...

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

I realize this isn't possible, but I'd bring her mom back. She died a long time ago of breast cancer and I know my boss misses her, especially this time of year.

Rhea said...

I really like the woman who's kids I watch. She was my son's kindergarten teacher last year too, and she was WONDERFUL. I'd want only good for her, honestly.

Lula! said...

My boss is Jesus. Seriously. And He has already done it all...for

My husband is a dang good boss to his employees, though. Since I know none of them will ever read this, I'll say that I would love for those ladies to stop complaining, be thankful to have a boss who gives them an enormous bonus every Christmas, and cut Dr. Litton some slack when he's having a bad day.

Yeah, I said all of that. And wow, I feel so much better. Thanks, Angie!

Jennifer said...

since I work for my KIDS... being a SAHM they are my bosses... I want only good things... all the best for them. I want them to never be sick or feel ill... I want only happy, giggle filled, playful WONDERFUL days every single day. I want them to enjoy every single minute of every single day of their lives!! :)


Michelle said...

I can't wish *bad* things on people, so I wish my boss would find a great job opportunity. Elsewhere. Soon.


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