Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Restitution

Yesterday, while running a TON of errands, we stopped at a bank and had to wait a ridiculous amount of time in the lobby. They had a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in their lobby that was right next to the seating area. Big A looked at the tree and said, "Mommy, that tree is very beautiful. I wish WE could have a Christmas tree."

The other patrons in the lobby looked at me with these forlorn looks. like I must be destitute or something to deprive my poor kids of a tree. So, I loudly responded, "Well honey, when we get back from our trip to Disney World, I promise we're going to buy a tree for the house."

Christmas saved. Patrons satisfied. Mommy gets big hug. Score.

So, while we're traveling "round the world", there will still be new stuff here at The Spot! Thanks to the scheduling function and some WONDERFUL blogging/IRL friends of mind, you'll still get my most popular entries each week, plus some blogging brilliance from some guest posters. So, please show them the same love that you show me. Mwah! And I'll tell Mickey that you said "hi".


Kat said...

Mommy...I wish we could have a Christmas tree. Like the bank. Like Angie's spot. Like everyone else.

But...we have evil kitties. Who would eat said tree.

We are contemplating putting it up. And watching to see what kind of hijinx will ensue...but I am not sure that I am that brave.

Jennifer said...

oh mommy... can we go to disney like Angies family is?? screw the tree... we want MICKEY!! lol

well at least that is what i'd be saying!! ;)

kids say the darnest things at the darnest times.

hope you have a wonderful trip!! can't wait to hear about it and see pics.

enjoy the sunshine and warm weather.


Jennifer said...

oh damn. i see that i wrote something similar to Kat... or at least started it that way... sorry didn't mean to be a copy Kat. ;)

hehehe... i know i'm not funny... but just humor me and laugh please. ;)


Shannon said...

Have a great time at The World! I hope the girls have a BLAST!

Can't wait to hear all about your trip when you get back... and see lots of pics :)

Michelle said...

I forgot -- you're going SOON, aren't you? Have a great time, and DO NOT GO TO THE T.REX Cafe. Just a little heads up. I still need to do that post....

Brandy said...

I hope you guys have a blast at the mouse's house. BUT there better be some dang hotties when I come back on Monday.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

Well I wish I was going to Disney World!


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