Friday, December 26, 2008

Disney ~ Day 5 ~ The Misery Begins

They say that in every life "a little rain must fall". Well, on this day of our trip, we saw more rain than anyone should in a day. I won't bore you with all the mundane details of this day, but here's a quick list.
  1. Hubby & I awoke this morning, each having fevers of around 102
  2. We had to pack all of our belongings so we could move to a new resort, 20 minutes away
  3. It was pouring down rain THE.WHOLE.DAY.
  4. We left our old resort around 10am and were unable to check into our new resort until almost 3pm.
  5. The kids were stir-crazy and not very sympathetic to the plight of 2 very sick parents.
  6. Hubby & I took turns herding the kids and sleeping on the couches in the lobby of the new resort. The couches were pretty comfy surprisingly.
  7. Thankfully, the kids were completely captivated by the views outside our new rooms, which bought us a little time to try and recuperate.

This was the amazing tree inside the lobby of the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

This was the view from the balcony of our room. It overlooked the Savannah of the Animal Kingdom park. How lucky are we that we have the opportunity to stay in an amazing hotel that puts our kids sleeping steps away from some magnificent creatures?! The giraffes were my favorite.

This was looking back at the lobby of the resort. There was an observation deck for people who were visiting the resort or didn't have rooms overlooking the Savannah.

Another view from our balcony

Another balcony view. I was super excited to see the zebras!

So, this day of the trip had some silver linings with our new hotel and its views. However, as the day wore on, hubby & I got sicker and sicker. I sucked it up that evening and attended the Cirque du Soleil show "La Nouba" with my mom, but frankly, don't remember much of it. I was really sick and slept through half the show. What I remember seeing was cool. I'll have to see that show again when I'm not delirious.

This brings us to our last day of vacation. Thank god. We're almost home.


Kat said...

How cool! I didn't realize that you all stayed at two resorts. But I am so sorry that you all got sick. No fun at all...and especially not while on vacation. Did your parents take over and do something with the girls?

Michelle said...

Ouch, that's no fun. I'm surprised they couldn't scare up a room for you at the new hotel. I can't imagine they're *that* booked, and it isn't like you weren't already staying on property AND you're sick. I'd write Disney a letter ;)

So what happened to your parents during the check-in fiasco? I'm with Kat. I want to know if/how your parents helped. Can you tell my parents do a TON for me and I'm spoiled by them?

Connordog said...

Not fun being sick on vacation - and the rain? Welcome to Fl :)..... At least you weren't there in the summer when it rains EVERY DAY!

The resort is cool though!

Angela said...

I am LOL at the comments so far, only because I know your Mom and Dad :-)) I can only imagine.

I am so sorry you guys got sick on this trip. I know you wanted it to be perfect, but just remember, the girls will only remember the happy parts. Kids never remember being sick.

Hope you are all better now! And yeah, the Lodge looks gorgeous.

Lula! said...

Y'all were sick at the Happiest Place On Earth?

Oh, dear. I'm so sorry.

I'm also sorry you didn't remember much about La Nouba. I wanted to hear about it.

OK, then...we'll all just have to go to the Cirque that's coming to Atlanta. And you won't be sick. So you'll remember it and we'll all blog about it and it'll be good times.

See how my mind works? Frightening. I'm all over the place here.


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