Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Disney: Day 1

This trip was one of many firsts for my 2 little princesses. For months, we had building up the excitement of a first plane ride, a first meeting of characters, & a first big theme park visit. I'm frankly surprised that the kids got any sleep the night before we left. Heaven knows the adults in the house got very little that night.

Here are The A's, waiting for our connecting flight from Atlanta to Orlando. (That was a long wait too) They were GREAT on the plane rides!

We finally made it into Orlando after a long day of airplanes and airport layovers, only to then wait even longer for elevators just to get our luggage to our rental car. Didn't anyone tell them that we were coming with our 8 pieces of luggage??? We sped to the Disney Swan resort to grab dinner, where I heard rumor that Pluto and Goofy would be making an appearance.

Not sure if you can tell, but Big A started crying when she saw Pluto coming towards our table. They were tears of joy, I assure you. She was SO EXCITED about finally meeting a character that she just couldn't express herself except in tears. I don't know where she gets that from. Ahem.

Little A giggled constantly and kept hugging the characters until we would finally have to pull her off of them. It too was very cute.

We stopped for a quick girls shot in front of this great fountain before jumping back into the car and heading to the resort that we actually stayed at.

Welcome to Fantasia! Er, I mean the Disney All-Star Movie resort. This was one of the pools on site. Pretty cool, especially for those of us who remember some of the old school movies. The girls loved this pool, despite the fact that we never made it into swim. The weather was great during the day, when we were away from the pool. Oh well.

Big A agreed with me that this was our favorite statue at the hotel. We stayed in the 101 Dalmations building and it was guarded by humongous Pongo and Perdita figures. We girls have to stick together.

After checking out our new digs, the girls said they were ready to go to bed. So, they jumped in bed, fully clothed and "went to sleep". Yeah right. I think they stayed up about 3 hours past their normal bedtime that night (and every other night there). But hey, it's vacation right?!

We were off and running with this trip! The girls were super excited and we were ready to attack our first park. Check back on Thursday for our big day at Disney's Animal Kingdom!


Shannon said...

This is bringing back memories! We stayed at ASM, too... but we were over in the Toy Story section.

Can't wait to hear more about the trip and see more pics!

And how sweet is Big A??!?!?!

Kat said...

I love that she cried about meeting Pluto. So very cute. And you need to get yourself over to my place and enter to win the Disney scrapbook stuff!

We stayed at the Wilderness Lodge, the Polynesian, and the French Quarter - which was my absolute favorite. The all stars look like a lot of fun...and I'd like to see Pop Century, too...

Lula! said...

Aw...good times...can't wait to hear more.

Connordog said...

Looks like you had a great time! I love Disney and am trying to talk Doug into an adult Disney vacation next year.

Kori said...

Oh now I am even more exited about going. Did you leave me some secret notes somewhere?

Brandy said...

How cool is that pool? And more importantly what did you eat? Just kidding!

JANE said...

I LOVE vacation stories and living vicariously through them, LOL!! If you get time, vist my post today. Thanks!

Rhea said...

That's so sweet Big A expressed her happiness in tears. awww!!

Kelly said...

Welcome to FLA!!! I hope you are finding much Magic; looks like you're off and running!

Michelle said...

Oh those look like cool hotels. I know you had everything planned out well. I love how you got to see the characters. I may have to get myself together better next time! Can't wait to read more.


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