Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Morning Eye Candy

Good Monday morning everyone! For all you midnight visitors, sorry I'm running behind today. I've been sick for a few days now and my mind just isn't working at top speed. So, let's get to the cuties already!
David Sutcliffe: This was a request from my longtime BFF, so I was happy to oblige. David was Loralei's baby daddy on Gilmore Girls, which is where I first began to admire him. Now, he's currently romancing Addison on Private Practice.
Jensen Ackles: Oh my, this guy is very swoon-worthy! I admired him on Days of Our Lives for a while. When not appearing on the big screen, he can be seen on the CW in Supernatural.

Chris Evans: This guy gained a following after his appearance in the two Fantastic Four movies and now I can see why. pack. He will be starring in a new flick called "Push" which comes out in January. I'll be there!

And there they are! Enjoy your weekly does of cute guys and join me here next week.


JANE said...

OK, whoa mama!! I just saw Chris "don't know your last name, but I know your abs, so I don't really care what your last name is"
and now it's late and I need to get to bed, and hubby is very. snoring. asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Nummy... that about sums it up... nummy.

Kori said...

I am with Lizzy.

Thanks for making my Monday!

Kat said...

I have never heard of this group before. But Chris. Sigh. Sixpackalicious.

Smoochiefrog said...

Love, love, love Jensen!!!! I watch Supernatural just for him!

Connordog said...

I like David Sutcliffe SO much better on PP than on GG! :) Hope you are feeling better!

Shannon said...

Oh. My. 6 pack, indeed! Yowza.

Michelle said...

Was the second guy Rex? I'm trying to figure out where he was on DOOL and that's as close as I can come! btw (if you still watch) I'm still so confused with the new Brady and agent being Passions people!!

Lula! said... you know how I've shared with you gals about my dreams? My particular dreams? With particular people?

I have to tell you here and now...
Chris Evans was my first. Yep. When I saw the preview for "Push" during THE movie, I said to Heather and Tiffany, "I've slept with him."

Oh dear, what your blog readers will think. I'll totally give you details later, too.

Jennifer said...

um. er. hold on.


i was drooling, and not able to focus on what keys to hit b/c i'm staring at that gorgeous six pack while typing this comment.


i knew he was a cutie in the FF movies, but didn't pay too close attention, i guess, although i'm not sure how... but dayum!!

hottie with a banging body!!

i'm all about MR. Chris Evans now!!

i might have to put this lovely picture on my page!!

thanks for sharing.


Angela said...

Ohhhh, yayyyyy!! Thanks so much for honoring my request! I think David Sutcliffe is just plain adorable. All the way around!

Hugs and hope you are feeling better!

Cristin said...

Chris Evans...ya my brain stopped there. Good.Ness.


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