Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trim the Fat Thursday

Here we are for another week of weigh in results!

Here's the screen capture from this morning.

Yep, still fat.

I did manage to reduce my BMI by .07 and I lost .4 lbs, which doesn't seem like a whole lot, unless of course you're been living in my body for the last week. Sometimes, it just really sucks being a woman. Actually it's more like every 28 days...give or take. I've inhaled more chocolate in the last few days than Hershey makes in a week. Anyway, I'm just thrilled for any loss at all, so I'll take it! Let's see how the goals turned out.

1. Get in 4 workouts - FAIL...I only got in 2
2. Lose 1lb - Losing part of lb is still a loss, right?!
3. Get meal plan done for the week - FAIL

I really wish I could figure out what the issue is with getting a meal plan done. Part of it is that I'm in a cooking rut. My kids are such picky eaters and I take it so personally when I cook a nice meal and all I get from them is EWWWWWW. Consequently, I find myself cooking the same 5 meals over and over again, which is tiresome for everyone around here. I really need to focus on trying some new things this week and getting over Picky 1 and Picky 2. So, my new goals for this week are:

1. Get in 4 workouts
2. Get the meal plan done already!
3. Lose 2 lbs

How did you guys do this week?


Diana said...

Let's go out for coffee one morning after preschool and share some meal ideas and tricks. It might help us both renew dinner time. Dinner is always a terror with Emma, I especially love it when she gags at my cooking it adds a little something extra to the moment. I can't even get the kid to eat a darn baked potato. I am proud of you for sticking with it and staying honest. I share you love for chocolate!! This pregnancy I crave chocolate and pistachios, good bye thighs, hello tree trunks. I love it when people say wow any day, and I am like no really it is more like 4 months!!! I just need a T-shirt that says yes I am pregnant, yes I am fat, now please move along. I got this Wii game Just Dance, it makes working out fun and hilarious!! Emma and I play together and Paul snickers from the couch you will have to try it out

CaraBee said...

Seriously. Periods and diets are two things that do NOT go together. I've been struggling with that this week myself. It is so, so hard to stay on track when all I want to do is suck down french fries and Reese's peanut butter cups. The fact that you lost weight is fantastic! Every little bit counts.

Andrea said...

Progress is progress and it is all about the attitude. Hang in there.

Shelley said...

I am seriously dealing with the 28 day thing as well. I'm with Cara, bring on the fries and choclate. A loss is a loss no matter how small.

brainella said...

As long as you are losing, you are doing great!

Brandy said...

It seems we synced up at EE cause I'm on the 28-dayer too!

A loss is a loss...keep up the good work!

Jane In The Jungle said...

Go girl!!I always crave salty stuff so I can put on that extra water retention cause it's soooo fun!

Got the buttons (finally) will have it to you next week, taking the youth teens to the retreat in Gatlin. this weekend!

Shannon said...

OK, here's my .02:

I think you should stop using the word FAIL on these posts. Dude, you lost weight this week... and you were able to get in 2 workouts. That's TWO more workouts than I did! So it's not a FAIL.

And as for the dinners go, I still have issues with M being a picky eater. Most days when she asks "what's for dinner" and I tell her, no matter what we're having her reply is "I'm not eating that!"... even if it's something she's had before! Gets on my last nerve. But the girls both know if they don't eat a good dinner, they don't get anything else for the rest of the night.

Angela said...

I agree with Shannon. You have not failed at anything. You lost weight this week, and that's always progress! I think I gained what you lost and then some, but I know why I've been gaining and I'm taking steps to correct that.

I'm going through all my menus over the next few weeks to try to get them organized, so that maybe I can avoid reinventing the wheel every week. I try to make notes whenever I find a menu that "works" and pleases both me and hubby. Then I can just recycle that menu a month or so later. I've only got a few like that because, for the most part, no matter what I cook, my husband complains endlessly about doing dishes. Even if I do half of them, he still complains. GRRR!


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