Friday, January 8, 2010

Dear So and So...The mish mash

Dear So and So...

This week I'm participating in Kat's weekly opportunity to address some things that I need to get off my chest. It's a fun way to let some stuff go, so pop over to her place and link up...if you dare!


Dear School Officials,

Thank you so much for deciding at 5pm yesterday, to call off school for today. My sleep-deprived brain is much appreciative.



Dear Mother Nature,

Really? An 1/8" of snow was the best you could do for my backyard? I'm directing the kids to complain to YOU for the next 10 hours about this.

Searching for ear plugs,


Dear Hubby's Employer,

I get the whole tough economic times issue, but deciding not to give Christmas bonuses without warning your employees is NOT COOL. Especially when they count on them as part of their salary.



Dear Roman (our German Shepherd),

Thank you for being a cooperative photography subject last night. It was delightful watching you play in the "snow" in the backyard. However, if you continue to eat as much food as you have been, you'll need to go out and get a job.



Kat said...

If Roman gets a job, feel free to let him refer Elizabeast for a position at the company as well.

Alix said...

Stopped by from Casa Hice to read your Dear So and So's! You GO girl on your letter to hubby's employer. Kind of reminds me of Clark Griswald in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation when he put down the huge deposit on the swimming pool with the money he was expecting in his Christmas Bonus that never came. Remember that scene? So so funny. Funny, but not cool.

Kat said...

That really sucks about the bonus money. Michael's company did a cool thing at Christmas. They had required at the beginning of the year that all salaried employees take 4 furlough days. Christmas, they got paid for those days!

Oh, and the snow? We have that dusting, too. And they really can't play in it since ours is practically ice.

Diana said...

I love this blog, what a fun idea! I am sorry to hear about the bonus, Paul gets a yearly one but it never comes at Christmas but usually it is before tax time, and that is really when we need the help!!

Missy said...

I love your header. How did you do THAT on blogspot?

Heather said...

Love the letters.

I have a thing or two I could say to Mother Nature as well.

All I can say is: the groundhog had BETTER not see his shadow next month.

Brandy said...

That sucks about the bonus! At least they could have told you earlier so you could plan accordingly.

Tell MN that I'm over winter while you are at it!

Michelle said...

1/8" and they called off at 5pm the day before? Ohhh Angie. 9+ inches here in the last 24 hours, my streets weren't plowed this morning (until around 11?), and we had school. Not even a late start. The differences always make me giggle. Here's hoping you enjoyed your snow day!

Jane In The Jungle said...

You should have seen mine playing football this morning in it. Of course the first thing they did was go look at the 3 trucks in the ditches on the road behind us!!!! It was just a little slick on the hill, LOL!!

diane said...

We got a couple of inches (snow, get your mind out of the gutter). They didn't start salting and plowing until last night. It's a joke around here. A bad one.
That sucks about hubby's bonus. How can some people sleep at night?

Angela said...

LOL I love this idea. I have one to add!! I posted it on FB but may come back and post it at Kat's!

And I am still ranting on your behalf about that bonus. That SUCKS.

Heckety said...

I love these! Sooooo with you!


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