Monday, January 11, 2010

My, how he's grown

Remember WAY back in August when I told you about the newest member of our family?

Here's a reminder, just in case (since I've kind of forgotten to give him any additional blog time ever since).

His name is Roman and he was a precious 13 week old German Shepherd puppy in these pics.

He & Little A are big buddies. Aren't they cute? And little?

What a difference 5 months makes.

We've made all kinds of progress with him. He's learning some useful commands and making all sorts of friends at the dog park. And he doesn't mind the girls hanging all over him.

And he & Little A are still best buddies. Even though he now outweighs her by at least 40 pounds.

We are so glad the hubby spotted him on Craigslist last Fall and even happier that all the stars aligned and brought him to his forever home.

And I'll try not to wait another 5 months before I post about him again.


Diana said...

Emma is slightly intimated by big dogs, she prefers cats BUT my Ellie BOY is she a dog lover!! She would love Roman, and possibly love a ride on Roman LOL. I will have to bring her by to meet your Big Baby :).

NSGIRL said...

Those pictures are soooo sweet!

Connordog said...

He is just beautiful!!!! Reilly would LOVE to play with him!

Andrea said...

He is precious and I am very proud of his doggie manners with the girls.
Blessings and prayers,

PS: Tell your new furry child: Sitka and the Perdue Zoo send him furry hugs.

Heckety said...

He really is a bit gorgeous! We had an Alsatian/Black Lab cross when the girls were younger and he adored them, and was in return adored. I find it so funny the way Alsations grow into their paws!

McVal said...

Wow! He's as big as your daughter! You are so blessed to have found such a friendly pet for your kids!

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Awww he's a cutie!! I was cruising for a new puppy on Craigslist but couldn't find anything I wanted. (something just like Roman!)

My brother has a German Shepard and other than a few mild quirks she is the best dog ever :)

Melissa said...

I love Sheperds! He is beautiful! He has gotten huge!

CaraBee said...

What a beautiful dog! He looks like such a cuddler! I know several people who have had Shepherds and they were fantastic family dogs. Good pick!

Jane In The Jungle said...

He is gorgeous!!!! And gonna be HUGE!! Those ears, LOL!!

Shannon said...

Awww... those pics are sweet. Looks like he's good with the girls!

Michelle said...

What a cutie pie -- and amazing to think that he's still growing! That's a lot of puppy! I love how the girls look so happy to be around him, and in some of the pictures HE'S the one who looks like a little kid "are you done with the camera yet?" Adorable :)

Heather said...

I LOVE the pics of him with the girls. What a great gift you've given them, having such a wonderful pet to grow up with. They will make so many memories together.

I had an Irish Setter growing up, and I remember her like it was yesterday.

I have to say, though, your Roman could eat our Ellie for lunch. (Not that he would or anything; just looks like he could!)

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

Heehee! His feet and ears are saying that he is no where near done growing, eh? My parents and sister both have shepherds and they really are good family dogs. Except for the shedding. OY THE HAIR!

Angela said...

He's just adorable, and obviously taking great care of his girls! What a sweet boy. I love his sweet face. He still has that gangly puppy look but that won't last much longer. Give him a hug from us!


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