Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


It's time for some more randomness.

  • Was it just me or were the Superbowl commercials this year very underwhelming? There were only a few that I really enjoyed.
  • A fifth cupcake bakery opened in my town recently. And it's only 3 minutes from my house. Is this some one's idea of a cruel joke?
  • I keep having a recurring dream that I've won the lottery. Now if I could just see those winning numbers in that dream just once!
  • Speaking of winning the lottery, I have an idea for a business that I think I would tackle. It's a casual dining cafe that has plenty of outlets for laptops, WiFi, onsite childcare at very reasonable rates and a 1 screen movie theater that shows films during school hours especially.


brainella said...

I didn't watch the Super Bowl but I saw a few commercials. The Darth Vader commercial is really cute. Otherwise, uninteresting. Why did the companies release the commercials early anyway? All that money and they just give it away up front? Dang.

Cerise said...

The Darth Vader commercial was my favorite...and sadly the only one I can actually remember.
I think onsite childcare is a genius idea! I went to a restaurant last week with my mother that had a children's room. It had cool murals on the walls, padded flooring and had some toys and a tv that was playing Disney. Granted there was no one actually in there watching the kids...but there were a few tables that were close enough that you could sit and enjoy finishing your meal and keep one eye on your kids.

Julianna said...

Loved the Darth Vader commercial, but I'd seen it before. :)

Also loved the doritios commercial where the guy licked the other guys finger. Didn't see that coming ;)

I think there should be a night and weekend day care center. One where you could just drop off for an hour or so while you ran to the grocery store or the pharmacy.

I'm also a big fan of the drive thru convience store for milk, eggs, bread, etc. Sadly, they only exist in Florida, and not even too much there.

Connordog said...

I have to agree that the Superbowl commercials were sub par this year. I was disappointed.

Jane's In The Jungle said...

They were pretty lame....and remember, if it's 3 mins from you, that also means it's 3 mins from me, LOL!!

Brandy@YDK said...

If I was rich I would totally back your idea. That sounds awesome! I don't know if you'd ever get moms to leave. And mmmmm cuppycakes

Brandy said...

I enjoyed very few of the commercials & didn't enjoy the halftime show. At. All.

Really underwhelmed with the entire thing...and that was before I found out Christina flubbed the National Anthem. ~sigh~

Shannon said...

I totally forgot to stop at the cupcake place on Saturday. If I wasn't about to make FOUR DOZEN cupcakes for this Saturday, I would make a trip while we're out tomorrow.

And I have a strong feeling that if there was a place in town like the cafe you'd want to open, they would be hard-pressed to get all the moms to leave! HA!


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