Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I, like my buddy Shannon, have been meaning to do a Random Tuesday Thoughts post for quite a while. Lord knows if I'm anything, it's random.
  • The high temp on Sunday was 68. Tomorrow it will be 42. My sinuses are NOT amused.
  • I'm catching up on my DVR recordings and I'm currently plodding through Oprah's Australian Adventures. What is it about that woman surprising her ultimate fans that turns me into a blubbering mess? Every...single...time.
  • My daughters are heavily focused on foreign languages at the moment. I noticed, not too long ago, that even though I can't speak Spanish fluently, I've been thinking in Spanish, not English. I know a lot of vocabulary but my grammar sucks. So, I'm thinking in Spanglish I guess.
  • Now, more than ever, I've been very anxious to hop on a plane and head to England for a holiday. The motherland is calling me. (That one's for you, Angela, LOL!)


Terrie said...

42...i gotta say i'm not too impressed. we got -10. today. during the actual day. i am planning very carefully for the trip i have to make outside to the mailbox. happy tuesday!

Shannon said...

I missed the "heat wave" that came through here over the weekend. It was in the 30s in Ohio.

GAH, I'm ready for Spring.

Keely said...

It was -27 here today. No part of my body is amused, never mind my sinuses.

Kimberly said...

42 to 68 is about our normal temp spread this half the year. 42 at night 68 during the day.... just about perfect.

that's our winter temp. Our summer temp is a low of 50 and a high of 78.

I will miss this when we move to Ohio,,

I'm stopping by from RAnDom Thoughts Tuesday!


Cerise said...

Hey! Just thought I would stop by and say hello! I'm your Cheer up swap buddy. :o)
Would love to hop on a plane to England too! I've got a bunch of family over there that I miss and haven't seen in ages.


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