Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Morning Eye Candy (and a bonus)

Hey y'all! Today is a very special edition of MMEC for a couple of reasons. I'm here to promote 2 very awesome things that are happening tomorrow!

First, please make sure you that you read this entry and make plans to visit Shannon's blog TOMORROW all day to bid on lots of fabulous items to raise money for a family that is in serious need. You won't be sorry and I can tell you first hand that this family truly deserves anything that we can do to help them. Thank you!

And now for the second order of business. Eye Candy. I've introduced this cutie before, but let me reacquaint you with a certain Mr. Chris Mann.

Chris is a fantastic artist who made an awesome video for his version of the Kanye West song, "Heartless". Look it up on youtube. (And for the record, he did it before Kris on American Idol made it popular and I like both versions!)

Chris is being highlighted today because his highly anticipated EP is being released tomorrow and I for one cannot WAIT to hit iTunes to download it.

I know one person who might beat me to the punch though.

Shannon, this a-dork-able pic is just for you.

Congrats on the EP release, Chris!

See you MMEC enthusiasts next week!


Shannon said...

You knew I'd be the first to comment on this post, right?

I'm currently listening to "When the Lights Fade"... I think that one is my favorite. Or maybe "On a Night Like This".

Just one more day! Woohoo!

Lula! said...

Um...hi...he is ADORABLY delicious.

Brandy said...

What a cutie!

AVONLadyinSC said...

I have stuff I'd love to donate for this family that you have info posted. I left a comment on the blog but I couldn't find her email address. I definitely have AVON products to give away. In fact I was thinking about something good to do with them :)Email me at if you get this in time.

CaraBee said...

He was at Blogher. He is definitely dreamy.


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