Friday, August 7, 2009

Puppy Power

On Monday evening of this week, hubby called to me from the other room and said, "Hey, there's a 13 week old German Shepherd on Craigslist that some people are trying to re-home." And so, foolishly, I emailed the lister and didn't give it another thought.

Tuesday morning, I got an email back from the guy and we ended up swapping phone numbers. He told me this story that was kind of a bummer, but made me a little intrigued about checking out this puppy. Hubby agreed and so off we went that afternoon to check out our prospective family member.

The little guy was adorable! His parents were both on site, which gave us a pretty good idea of what he would look like when he grows up. And the temperament of his dad appears to be who he's taking after. Yay! So, we made the quick decision to commit to giving him a forever home and we agreed to return the next day to pick him up.

Wednesday, the girls & I were enjoying lunch when I asked them the following question. "If we could have another pet come and live with us in the house, what kind of pet would you want?" Here's how that conversation went down.

Little A: I want a pet mouse.

Big A: No, I want a baby giraffe.

Me: We're not getting a mouse and a baby giraffe is too big to live with us.

Big A: But, if we just buy a bigger house, then it would be much taller and then the baby giraffe can live with us!

Me: Nice try. We're getting a puppy instead.

Little A: Oh, I want him to chase me around. That will be fun!

Big A: NOOOOOO! I don't want to pick up my toys.

Me: You would have to pick up your toys anyway.

Big A: Can we get a baby giraffe instead?

Me: {bangs head on table repeatedly}

And so here is Big A welcoming our new horse, er, German Shepherd pup into the house.

Checking out his new backyard (that he doesn't have to stay in full time...yippee!)

Oh my, this looks like nothing but trouble.

His name is Roman and he's your typical 3 month old puppy. He's playful, very wary of his new surroundings, and incredibly loving. He's going to be a great member of the family!

Now if only we could get the cats to agree to that last statement.


Jane In The Jungle said...

You've got to get pics of the cats looking him over. He is so cute!!! Love the crate decoration, looks similar to mine in my dining room! And get this, Greg has come home everyday this week asking if I want another dog cause someone at EPB is having to rehome one. All he know is it's a good ol' dog.....And we're going to go see Kalvin tomorrow....Greg + dog = me + cat!!

brainella said...

Roman is adorable! And that conversation is hilarious. Show Big A this place. -- I would love to go there.

Bylinda and James said...

Very cute! Enjoy the chew marks!

Brandy said...

He's so cute! I love that she thought the dogs were the only reason she had to pick up her toys. LOL!

Heather said...

Your kids are cracking me up! By the looks of that puppy, he may just be as big as a giraffe before too long!

Awww, I love that last picture!

Kat said...

What a cutie! And I would love to hear how the kitties are adapting to the big change!

Angela said...

Well, I AM sorry (along with Little A) that you aren't getting a giraffe.

(LOL! Just kidding)

BUT this little guy is adorable! Have you told Ginny (from the list) that you got him? You can friend her on FB if you want and she is a GREAT source of advice. She has had GSD's for 30+ years!


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