Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday Morning Eye Candy

Hi, everyone!  Shannon here... filling in for Angie.  

If you haven't already heard, Angie was admitted to the hospital very early Sunday morning and ended up having surgery to remove her gallbladder!  Thankfully, her surgery went well and Angie's resting at home. 

Since she is indisposed at the moment, I've hijacked Angie's blog for today's edition of Monday Morning Eye Candy.  One of my all-time favorite shows is "Lost".  Angie doesn't know what she's missing watch "Lost", so for these hotties to be featured, I had to take matters into my own hands!  

Henry Ian Cusick... this sexy Scotsman plays the mysterious Desmond Hume.  I'm a sucker for a man with an accent... swoon!

Josh Holloway... his character, Sawyer, has shown both his masculine and sensitive sides... not many women (both on the show and viewers at home) have been able to resist his Southern charm... and it's easy to see why!

Matthew Fox... plays Dr. Jack Shephard.  I'd follow this "natural born leader" just about anywhere.  Ahem.  

Do you watch "Lost"?  Which "Lost" hunk (the ones listed here, or one not mentioned) is your favorite?  

If you'd like to have your favorite hotties featured on Monday Morning Eye Candy, just send your request to Angie at anticswithangie{at}gmail{dot}com!  


Shannon said...

Just FYI... my fave is Henry. It's the accent.

Kori said...

I don't watch Lost either.

Love you Angie! Hope you get to feeling better soon

Lula! said...

It was the Sticky Fingers that did it...messed with her gallbladder...I'm convinced.

Thank God it held out for our Friday love fest.

And you know how I feel about Lost...and these three men. I. Love. Them. Forever and ever, amen.

BEST MMEC POST EVER!!!!!! Wooooooooooooooooo!

p.s. Henry was BRILL last night. Love me some Charles Brandon.

JANE said...

I don't watch "Lost" either but I'm a sucker for a man who's pants hang that low in front!!

Great job Shannon!

Jen said...

I started watching Lost for Matthew Fox (loved him in Party of Five) but soon found myself falling head over heels for Sawyer. YUM!!

Brandy said...

NOW I know why you guys watch Lost.

I hope you're feeling better Angie!

Kat said...

Ooooo...the men of LOST. You know. I really like John Locke. I have this thing for the baldies :-)

Jen said...

Hope you are feeling better soon Angie. I saw the tweets and I just wanted to come here and wish you well. :)

Michelle said...

Dr Shepherd's pic is a little ummm.... off. For me anyway. Kinda creepy for some reason :)

But what about Sayid? Otherwise, I'm good with Sawyer! Yum!

Feel better Angie and EAT something when you can!

kwag58 said...

Ian's the yummiest bit of candy ever for this sistah! His deep, sexy brown eyes, his lovely locks, that scottish accent he does sooo well and every other part of him too....perfection! :)

Cristin said...

I don't watch Lost...but Mr. Fox is a hottie.

I have no idea who that first guy is... but the facial hair... the low jeans.. and accent you say?? SOLD!!! I'll take him don't have to wrap him up or anything...


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