Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Weblog Wednesday

**If you haven't entered this week's giveaway yet, click here to do that. It's ok. I'll wait on you to come back here.

This week's VLOG is MUCH shorter than last week. For those who can't hear it or just prefer not to watch it, I am looking for feedback on what kind of blog content you look for. I'm preparing a major overhaul of my site and am planning multiple tabs for different content types. Please leave me a comment with the type of info that you like to see (e.g. recipes, celebrity news, music talk, frugal living). Thanks for your input! Enjoy the video!

P.S. Still no word from my fan letter to Rob. The waiting game continues. Ha ha ha.


Angela said...

I love all your content! I do like the idea of tabbed browsing and I have been considering that myself. But then again, part of what I think keeps blogs intersting is the variety of content you might see from a given blogger. So I kind of like seeing everything sequentially, but I think there is room for both.

I can't hear the vlog at work (again) but I will check it out this evening!

Love ya!

Shannon said...

You definitely have to keep MMEC. Fo sho.

As for what else... hmmmm...

Angela said...

Okay, right now it says the vlog is unavailable - ???


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