Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A "Little A" Birthday

With all the drama that's gone around here recently, I've been lax in doing a recap of the very big birthday of the very Little A.

As you might remember, I made the mistake of asking her what theme she would like on her cake. She told me Max & Ruby. I panicked. Thankfully, hubby reminded her of how much she loves butterflies. And voila. Presenting, the birthday cookie cake.

First things first. Time for the annual birthday flowers. This is a tradition that hubby started with Big A on her first birthday. The birthday girl gets one rose for every year that they are celebrating. The mom and sister get 1 rose each...for good measure. It's very sweet and the girls love it!

Now it was time to party. I rented out a nearby gym full of trampolines, bouncy floors and ample room to tumble. Here are the A's ready to bound down the long trampoline.

The birthday girl was all smiles.

After munching on snacks and cake, it was on to presents. Both girls are currently obsessed with Hello Kitty. Little A was showing me her stickers that she was very excited about.

After a whole lot of partying, it was time for her big gift. Her first bike! She was more than ready to tackle this big girl gift and now she's off and running.

Another big birthday in the books. Now just another 5 months before the planning starts all over again for the next one. Sigh. Oh, who are we kidding? I love this stuff.


Shannon said...

Now I'm craving some cookie-cake...

Glad Lil' A loves her Hello Kitty goodies. I'm assuming the dress fits her...

Angela said...

Yes, you do love this stuff, LOL! I know how you love planning ANYTHING!

Very cute! I love the cake. And I am going to have to go CRY now that Little A is 3. I still can't believe BIG A is three! Waaahhh!! Where does the time go?

Kelly said...

So cute....love the cake! Little A looks like she loved the party! I love the rose tradition...how sweet is that?!!
Happy Belated Birthday, Little A

Michelle said...

Oh cheater cheater! I was really hoping to see the Max & Ruby stuff! Bummer.

And the gymnastics party? I love those. They're so much fun, and the kids always love them so much, too. Good call!

Lula! said...

First off...why am I not seeing bags of Goldfish on your kitchen counter? 'Cause I have some on mine...and you know where I got 'em.

The picture of Little A on her bike is precious...as she is precious...and beautiful.

JANE said...

Love the cookie cake but come on Max and Ruby would have been sooo cute!!
Love the bike!


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