Friday, April 25, 2008

Updates on Chloe and my brother-in-law

Thanks to all of you who have sent well-wishes for Chloe's speedy recovery! Her symptoms have responded very well to the new meds and the doctor's are pretty certain she has a tick-borne illness. We'll get the final bloodwork results next week. We sprung her from the vet kennel this afternoon and she's currently sleeping on her very comfy bed. She's got a look on her face that tells me without a doubt that she's glad to be back home!

My brother-in-law is doing better. He's still in a lot of pain, but I think the danger of death has passed. He had surgery today to insert a catheter into his heart, which should catch any clots that form due to his immobility from paralysis. The doctors are already formulating a rehab plan and he might be going to Atlanta for that. (About a 2 hour drive from here) I'll keep you guys posted on this developing story. Thanks for all the well-wishes and zen you all have sent our way! We really appreciate it!


Dee Miller said...

I was so happy to read the good update on your brother-in-law. We will keep him in our prayers. I believe God has a miracle just waiting for him.

Dee Miller

Dee Miller said...
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Angie said...

Thanks so much Dee! I really appreciate all the kind words and prayers from everyone, especially on Canine-L.


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