Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Sad Day

This has been a really stressful week so far.

On Monday, my husband's youngest brother was nearly killed by a hit & run driver in our town. He's now in the hospital ICU, 23 years old and been given the news that he'll likely never walk again. I know that I'm going to anger someone by saying this, but those of you who know me and love me, will know where I'm coming from. Motorcycles should be outlawed. I think people, especially those with young children and families, are just waiting for imminent death if they ride them. I know way too many people who have been injured on them, but this case with my brother-in-law is the worst I've seen so far. How heartbreaking that someone who has their whole life ahead of them, gets such a major detour on that road and now basically has to start over. Now, those of you who are already getting upset and ready to say "well, you could also be injured just as badly in a car!" My response to that is that far more people are injured way more severely and often in motorcycle crashes than they are in auto crashes. At least if I'm in a car, I've got a huge cage of metal surrounding me that will more often than not, protect me. A plastic helmet and a leather jacket aren't going to do me much good if a car hits me broadside on a motorcycle. One of my oldest friends told me on Monday morning of this week that she had totaled her car over the weekend. She was driving a Ford Explorer. The car is totaled, but she walked away with a black eye. I wish my brother-in-law had been driving an Explorer.

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