Monday, February 1, 2010

My 2010 "To Do List" Monthly Update

It's hard to believe that January is already finished! Where does the time go? My grandma used to tell me how much faster time moves as you get older. Now I know that she wasn't kidding at all.

To help keep me on track with my goals for the year, I'm committed to reporting my progress here once a month. Let's see how things are going so far!

Family Finances

1. Construct a budget and post it on the computer cabinet monthly - Check!
2. Get debt snowball plan created and posted - Check!
3. Get emergency fund completed - We got the first phase done. Yay!!
4. Get plan together for next year's Christmas - Check! And phew!

1. Finish the Patten Chapel cross stitch - Haven't picked this back up yet.
2. Finish the Bambi cross stitch - Haven't picked this back up yet.
3. Finish the 2008 Disney Album - Planning to complete this month.
4. Keep family album up to date - Hope to work on this month.
5. Try to read a book each month - Check! So far...

1. Get my review blog up & running - First post will be up tomorrow!
2. Save up to redo my primary blog - Working on this
3. Post at least 4 times per week - Pretty close
4. Be a better commenter on others blogs - Need to work on this in February

Personal Goals
1. Get in 3 workouts per week - Doing this most weeks
2. Do weekly meal planning - Um, still working on this one
3. Shoot for a size 6 jeans by December 1st - Making progress! Lost 5 lbs so far!
4. Spend more time outdoors with the kids - Making progress

Anything you would like to report on for the year? Progress is progress!


Jane In The Jungle said...

OK we went out yesterday and pick up the Wii Fit stuff on it do you feel helps you the most?????

Tam said...

Girl you are rocking your goals!

Kelly said...

Wow! what resolutions you should be so proud of yourself for accomplishing so much so far....

If the time or inclination ever hits you, would you mind sharing some of budgeting ideas/techniques?

Brandy said...

You're doing really well so far. That's a lot accomplished in January. Yay!


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