Friday, February 19, 2010

Dear So and So...

Dear So and So...

I'm participating in Kat's weekly opportunity to address some things that I need to get off my chest. It's a fun way to let some stuff go, so pop over to her place and link up...if you dare!


Dear School System,

Please...I beg of you. No more snow days. If I personally volunteer to drive the staff to school, will that help?

Warming up the car,


Dear Mother Nature,

Hardee har har har. Point taken. Enough already.

Refusing to buy a sled,


Dear Consignment Sale Operator,

Can I take a reduction in profits if you just do all this nonsense tagging for me?

Bandaging another papercut,


Dear Lady Gaga,

We get it already. You're outrageous. Can you please wear something normal now? Please.

You're welcome to borrow anything from my wardrobe,


Dear USA Olympic Snowboarding outerwear designer,

Homeless chic is not a good look for anyone. I mean, I love plaid, but come on.

Thinking even Lady Gaga could've done something better,



Fiona said...

Was watching the snowboarding today because Aussie Torah Bright was competing in the women's half-pipe. (btw she won gold!!!)
Was wondering was the US snowboarders were all wearing their flannies (as we say here in Oz!).

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved this post...
I had an entire evening to blog much visit new blogs and catch up with friends Be sure and stop by mine. This is my ONE YEAR Blog Anniversary and there are LOTS of prizes everyday this week and next....I am celebrating the entire month.

Kat said...

How many snow days have ya'll had?? With our snow last weekend it didn't even start until the afternoon, so we didn't lose any school. Madalyn was so upset that the other system that came through on Sunday was all rain instead of the 2 inches our lying weatherman said we'd get!

And I just did a consignment sale, too..and the tagging takes forevah.

Heather said...

Oh, I am SO with you on the snow days! And now they're talking about more snow for us this weekend. Sigh...

Lady Gaga is outrageous, but I have grown to love her music. Strange, huh?

Mom in High Heels said...

Haha! Excellent Dear So and So, but I need to know why you have a picture of my boyfriend RPattz prominently displayed on your blog. Seriously.

Miss Angie said...

LOL, Love the bit about Lady Gaga and the olympic attire. Fantastic!

Brandy said...

I haven't watched the first bit of the Olympics but I can certainly agree about Lady Gaga. It would be nice to see her a human once in a while.

Kat said...

I constantly feel like Mother Nature is giving me the bird (and not the one with feathers).

Whimsical Creations said...

LOL, those are great!

Shannon said...

I agree about the snowboarders' outfits. Gross.

Jane In The Jungle said...

OK...I'm weird but then you already knew that....liked the snowboarders rags, on the guys not the gals, perfect for that group......DO NOT LIKE ANYTHING ABOUT LADY GAGA, but I give her cudos for marketing crap!

Michelle said...

Snow days? What are those? Who cares about that white stuff - we go to school anyway (ok, so far this year anyway, and now I've jinxed it for sure!). How many snow days have you had?

Cousin B said...

Ugh! So glad to be retired now! That used to be part of my job! Driving around at 4:00 a.m., checking all the roads, talking with my boss via radio and making the determination whether to call school off or not. I swear, my kids used to try and bribe me as I was leaving the house...hee! hee!

Michelle said...

Pssst! Where are you? You've been silent for a long time. . I hope all's well!


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