Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My 2009 "To Do" List results

Before I post my annual "to do" list for the new year that is upon us, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the things I strived to complete for 2009. Let's recap, shall we?
  1. Put together and implement a budget that actually works and one that I will keep up with regularly (This was about a 60% success. I took the popular Financial Peace University course from Dave Ramsey and learned a tremendous amount of information that is useful in our lives. However, I'm easily distracted and am having trouble breaking some seriously bad habits. The good news is that I have the tools to turn this around in 2010.)
  2. Eliminate the majority of our financial debt (Heh. Not even close. Actually, I think we moved in the complete opposite direction thanks to emergency gallbladder surgery last April. Sigh.)
  3. Finally finish the Patten Chapel cross stitch (Editors note: I started this before I got married 12 years ago and made significant progress on this last year. It's a portrait of where hubby & I married.) (Another goose egg. I have a feeling that 2010 is the year of cross stitch.)
  4. Start & finish the Bambi cross stitch for Little A's room (Well, I selected the fabric and thread and actually made a few beginning stitches. That's progress!)
  5. Continue the weight loss adventure and wear a size 6 jeans by December 1st (Yeah, that must've been a typo. I was in a size 16 on December 1st. Heavy sigh.)
  6. Implement date night once a month with hubby (I think we had a total of 3 date nights this entire year. And 2 were on consecutive nights this month. Having small kids isn't easy on the dating life.)
  7. Make significant progress on my novel and blog regularly (The novel has officially been tabled and my blog took a major hit this year. Things are going to be different in the new year.)
  8. Finish decluttering the house (I'm happy to say that I did make significant progress on this front! It's not a finished project but I'm definitely feeling a lot better about the situation.)
  9. Get the scrapbooks up to date (After a LOT of long hours and hard work, I'm thrilled that my scrapbooks are up to date! Now I can actually start spending time making elaborate layouts in our family albums and making gifts for people, which would really make me happy.)
  10. Be more open with people (This is something that I think I'm always going to struggle with. In some ways, I think I've done a better job of achieving this, but I suffer from verbal diarrhea. Sometimes I just don't know when to shut up.)
So, overall I feel like I made a lot of progress this year in many areas. There's always room for improvement and my goals for 2010 will reflect that.

How about you? Do you make resolutions? What's something that you achieved this year?


Jane In The Jungle said...

OK I don't do resolutions cause I never follow through. But this year I want to make a resolution for hubby....FINISH THE BASEMENT REMODEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have I told ya how glad I am you're back regular!

Brandy said...

I don't really make resolutions but since I bombed my weight loss journey, I am going to try that again. Blah.

{I just know my doctor is going to be all up in my shizz about my weight again and frankly I don't want to hear it.}

Other than that I will have to give some serious thought to what else I would like to achieve in the next year.

Good job on organizing!

Heather said...

I'm just impressed that you still had the list that you made for yourself on the last New Year's. I can't even remember what resolutions I made. I'm sure they had to do with getting fit, running, paying off bills...

I did run in a few races, and coached Isabel's running team for Girls on the Run. My scrapbooks are sadly NOT up to date; that is a definite goal for 2010!

Happy New Year, Angie! May all your resolutions come true in '10!

brainella said...

You know, I have no clue what I resolved to do in 2009. No clue. This is why I'm no longer doing resolutions.

I'm impressed with your progress -- especially the scrap books. I have one child and am about 2 years behind by's sad.

Happy New Year!

CaraBee said...

I never make resolutions because I just don't follow through. I did start 101 in 1001 last year, though, and haven't done too bad with that. There are a LOT of things left for me to do, but I've actually accomplished a number of them, so I don't feel too bad about it. Plus, I still have like 650 days, so I'm golden.

Shannon said...

I like Cara's idea... giving yourself more than just ONE year to get your goals accomplished!

Getting more organized and decluttering the house are my big things I want to work in this coming year.

Wish me luck.

Michelle said...

Nicely done with the progress on the list. I like it :) As for mine, my goal was to do something just for myself every day, no matter how small that thing was. I didn't fully achieve it, but I did a decent job. I'm keeping that this year. And adding that I'm either fishing or cutting bait with work!

Angela said...

Great job on all that you did get done! Don't stress about things that are not yet complete (I know, easier to say than do). All to-do lists are works in progress. And frankly, this was such a crazy year on every front and for everyone, from a global to a household scale, that if we all got at least one thing accomplished, I think we should all be proud of ourselves!

As for my resolutions, I am not making any new ones this year, but you've inspired me to create at least a list of concrete goals. I will try to get that up on the blog this weekend (another goal, LOL!)

Love ya!


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