Saturday, December 19, 2009

It's an actual blog post?

Yes folks, it is. I can't believe it myself really. I've taken some much needed time off from the majority of the online world over the last couple of months. Most of it was involuntary due to birthdays, holidays, and life craziness in general, but I have to say that it really made me realize just how much time I was spending in cyberspace. It's given me time to ponder just where I want to go from here and there are some changes coming in the next few weeks. More on that later.

I wanted to take a quick moment to update you guys that were kind enough to comment on my "Comments for Cans" blog post from Thanksgiving. I had around 15 comments, so I decided to gather up 2 food items per comment and head down to an annual food drive in my hometown. My buds, Shannon & Jane, had comments for cans blog posts as well and we ended up donating close to 100 food items to our food bank. Yay! Thanks to all who commented and thanks to Shannon & Jane for inspiring me to help out in our community!

Speaking of Shannon & Jane, we hosted the 5 Days of Giveaways earlier this month and I was remiss in posting the list of winners. (sorry about that!) Here are the lucky winners!

day 1: Mimi, He & Me + 3

day 2: Megan R, Newly Wed, Newly Bred

day 3: Diana, Appleby Girls & Boy

day 4: Missy, Two Little Monkeys

day 5: Julia, brainella the librarian

Congrats to the winners and my thanks to all who entered and to my 2 partners in crime for doing all the hard work to make this happen!

And for those of you who celebrate a little thing called Christmas, well, we're into crunch time now. I'm sure we all have things on our wish list that we're hoping will be under the tree. Here's 1 of mine.

The Pioneer Woman Cookbook - PW is one of my heroes. And she makes a mean Texas Sheet Cake.

And then there's those things that we wish for that we feel pretty sure we don't have a prayer of receiving (but it doesn't make us want them any less). Here's a few of those.

iPod Touch 32GB
A Trip to Disney World

Oh, and him.

Merry Christmas y'all! Here's hoping that you get everything on your wish list too!


Diana said...

I am so out of touch with the blog world as well, but I am so grateful for my blog gift!!! We have already tore into and decorated cookies!! Merry Christmas!

Tam said...

Lots of the blogs I follow are going through changes. Plus lots more are only doing facebook. A few have deleted their blogs.

I hope you get everything on your list and more!

Merry Christmas!

brainella said...

I was so excited I won! We are putting together the gingerbread house today. Dominic loves the book and Penguins too! Thanks so much.

Happy Christmas! :)

Andrea said...

Praying you have a beautifully blessed Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear from you again! I think if we all took a break from the computer...we would realize we spend way too much time on it. But I'm addicted...what can I say! :) I know I spend way too much time on this thing! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!

Shannon said...

I didn't put it on my list... but I'd like PW's cookbook, too.

And I'd also like an iPod touch and trip to DW. You can have Rob, though... I'll take Daniel ;)

Jane In The Jungle said...

ROFL!!! That pic is too good!!!!!!!

Got my present early....LAPTOP!!!!BOUT TIME!!!!!!!!

Now I need a lock and key to keep the kids off of it!!

Angela said...

Good to see a post from you lady!

But I totally understand. Lots of my bloggy friends (and me) have just had to step back a bit here lately. It can take over your life if you let it and I totally understand (and so will others) if you need a break!

I am LOVING the Rob photo. too cute! And yes, you know I recommend the iPod Touch wholeheartedly!

Love ya! I'm off to see if I can get some stuff wrapped. As PW would say, "help me, Rhonda!" I haven't a prayer of getting this act together before Christmas.

Melissa said...

My list of wants is so incredibly huge, but I know all I'm getting is a calender for my kitchen. I balance the checkbook so I, unfortunatley don't get surprised very often.
I-Phone, Ipod Shuffle with skull candy, Laptop, black boots, and all my bills paid in full....not too much to ask for, right?

Michelle said...

I love the inscription on that photo. Precious :)

My big (and really only) wish is for a Cricut machine. I happened into a Costco in the middle of a special event when they were 30% off with additional cartridges as a bonus, and I'm pretty sure my mom bought me one. I'm so excited :) Other than that, I fortunately don't want anything that I'm not going to just go out and buy after Christmas (a new watch, a teapot that makes great tea from loose leaves, more of the cool Oxo containers).

Good luck!


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