Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Camping in the Backyard

My girls are like me in a lot of ways, but there are a few ways that clearly demonstrate the contribution of hubby's DNA. The way they look for starters. I can't tell you how often I get the strange looks in stores when I walk in with the blonde hair/blue eyed angels. Forget the fact that their bone structure has "me" written all over it. But I digress.

The A's definitely have their daddy's affection for the outdoors. For quite a while this year, Little A especially was keen on having a camping trip. Since I wasn't down with camping along with them (or hubby taking them out into the wilderness), we agreed that camping in the backyard was a good compromise.

Little A could hardly contain her excitement

Big A was pretty happy also

They loved playing in the tent

And playing some more

And daddy even created a fire pit (of sorts) so that the roasting of marshmellows could happen. The girls were happy as larks!

And much to my surprise, the girls slept the whole night without a peep and couldn't wait to do it again. Meanwhile, the cats & I piled into my bed and slept pretty well ourselves.

So, when's that next camping trip?


Heather said...

I used to love camping, but after Gabe was born, we kind of fell out of it. I like the idea of having the husbands doing the camping while we are snug in our own comfy beds...smart thinking, Angie!

Love the "campfire"!

Great pics!

Shannon said...

I was wondering if you became one with nature and joined them...

but, I guess I should have known better, right? ;)

Shelley said...

My family absolutely loves to camp. We are wild for it. We will probably go for a few days before the kids go back to school from Christmas break.
My little girl will be having a sleepover on her birthday in Jan and she wants to camp in the back yard.

CaraBee said...

We went camping quite a bit when I was a kid and we did a LOT of backyard camping. Methinks my mama wanted some alone time. Whatever, it was FUN!

Angela said...

I agree with you - love the outdoors, but not sleeping in it! So glad they had fun with Jake and I agree, it's perfect downtime for mom!


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