Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"What If" Wednesday

My IRL friend and blogger buddy, Lula, recently gave me this fabulous book called "If...Questions for the Game of Life". I've been enjoying it thoroughly for a couple of weeks now and decided to make this the fodder for a weekly post. I'll post a question from the book, answer it and then ask my readers to answer it also. So, please humor me and play along. (Pretty please) And I have turned on anonymous commenting, so feel free to leave your answer and rest assured that I'll have no idea who you are. I'll be very happy that you stopped by! So, here's this week's question.

If you could make a gift of one thing to any single person alive today, who would it be, what would you give them, and how would you present it to them?

Wow, this is a hard one.

I would give the gift to my oldest daughter, Big A. The gift would be the memory box that I kept from my senior year in high school, which includes letters, photos and memorabilia from the most pivotal year of my life. I would give it to her and tell her that she cannot open it until she begins her first day of high school. I would explain that it includes memories of some of the best and worst days of my young life and that it serves as a reminder to me that we must not be afraid to dream and reach for the stars. Life isn't easy. Always be the best YOU that you can be. The rest will take care of itself.

So, how would you answer this question? I'm sitting by my email, waiting for your responses. No pressure.


JANE said...

The boys will be ticked but here goes. I have 2 small plates hanging on my kitchen wall. They are deocrative, both of winter scenes. I would give the plates to my daughter, the girl, when we were alone having a cup of coffee. (yes she's 2 and loves coffee) I would explain they were my grandmothers and her great grandmothers. I was a lot like her and even though she gave me advice and helped me when I let her and when she could, she always appreciated me for my desire to be my own person and she always and forever loved me unconditionally. And I will tell her, that is the love I feel for her. And as she will one day hang the plates in her home, my hope is that she will always and forever remember that unconditional love I have for her.

JANE said...

BTW, I love this idea!!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

This may sound dumb... but I would take The Ladies (I know... single person but....) to Build-A-Bear and get them bears. They've wanted to do it forever, and it's a little cost prohibitive. I'd love to take them to the mall and have them do their usual Build-A-Bear-Begging, and then tell them no a couple times, then finally give it and say "Okay... you can get whatever you want... there are no "no's" today!"

Kori said...

Oh gee.

It would be for the boys. A necklace that has some sort of charm (not a girly charm) on one side it will say "Remember" on the other side it will say "Love Dad" I wouldn't give it to them Richard would.

I have actually been conspiring with someone to get these done for them for Christmas. We'll see how it goes.

Jennifer said...

this is very cool.

i have a book that is similar... or at least to me it is. :) it's called The Book of Questions...

anyway... you have my thinking... i'm not sure what gift i would be able to give... but if there were any that I could... I would pick HEALTH!! and i would wish that gift could touch anyone that i know in real life or blog land or have ever had contact with. :)

and a material gift that i would give to someone is that i would give my three children the gift of an education after HS... this worries me, b/c it will be so much money to shell out at once, but i'm sure we will figure it all out.

mine are lame, i know... but for some reason this is right were my mind went when i thought about the question... so there it is. :)

can't wait to see next weeks question!


PS i love the gift that you are going to give. what a great idea. i also love that you kept a memory box from HS. awesome!!

Michelle said...

Wow. This IS a tough one. Ummm.

If I could give the gift of anything to anyone, it would have to be actually to both the wee ones.

I would give them a love and appreciation of food. Particularly of home-cooked, (relatively) healthy food. And how to prepare it, and enjoy doing so.

Lula! said...

Hey--there's ME up in your post. FUN!

Don't you love that book? So good.

OK...I dunno...I honestly do NOT know what I'd give and to whom.

The easy way out would be to say: I'd make a gift of myself...and give it to Jason Statham.

That's cheap, cliched, and tawdry, but I can't get all sentimental. I don't have it in me tonight. Sigh...

Shannon said...

I still have to think about this one...

And I still think this is a great idea!

Kat said...

You should have used that picture I took of you holding the book!

I am so not good with deep, pondering type questions. Because there are so many people that I would like to "gift." People that I know that have so many struggles. With finances. With health. With infertility.

And I just have to be ever so thankful for all that we have. So, I think that I am going to gift my girls my memories. So that they can read and look at pictures. Through scrapbooks. And my blog. And see what we did. And how much they were loved. Because I can't think of a more precious gift than that.

Rhea said...

I love the IF book.

If I could give anything, I would choose to give the gift of loving nature and animals to my boys. And I would present it to them in the form of buying a ranch to spend our weekends and summers.

CrystalChick said...

I love that If book!! We used to have it, don't know where it went. Someone liked it so much they probably snuck it out under their coat at our last party. LOL

OH my.... can't really come up with just one answer I don't think. So many people, so many nice things to do for them. But at the very top of the list, I guess I'd like to do something really nice for hubby. He's the kindest, most thoughtful person I know and gives the most of himself. Just don't know what I'd give.
Let me think on that.....


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