Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1 Shade of Gray

I've said for years that vanity isn't really my thing.  I don't wear makeup.  I don't use hair styling products or tools.  Most of my clothes are between 3-7 yrs old and came from Target or Old Navy.  I'm just not very concerned about being stylish.  Or at least that's what I thought.

I'm coming up on my 37th birthday next month and I'm a little distressed that with each passing day, as I look in the mirror, I seem to spot just one more gray hair on my head.  And while the first few didn't bother me too much, I'm now officially REALLY bothered.  And I can't decide if I'm more bothered by the gray hairs themselves or the fact that they are making me feel old all of a sudden.

I take it as a sign that I received a Living Social deal today for a cut, color & style from a local salon that I've been wanting to try for quite a while.  And so, I'll call tomorrow and schedule the appointment that will officially segregate my life into 2 distinct time periods:

Angie B.C. - Before Coloring
Angie A.D.J. - After the Dye Job


Shelley said...

Aw Angie, you are so beautiful with or with out hair color.

brainella said...

LOL. You know, I think a new hair cut makes everyone feel good. I don't think the gray matters for the most part. A few years ago (possibly when I turned 37!) I started get a bit more adventurous with cuts and color with my hair.

You only live once, right?! And it's hair. If you don't like it, it grows back! :-)

Shannon said...

HA! You got me with your post title... I thought this might be a review of the book (where you give it only a 1 out of 50)

I really need to make an appointment, too. I was mentioning this to Shane recently and H overheard... she said she likes my gray hair! And thinks it's cool when I have my hair pulled back in a ponytail and you can see the gray threaded through. Nice, but, ummm... I'm still going to make that appointment.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

First can I say that I am uber impressed that it's taken you 37 years to even think about dyeing your hair?! I have been coloring mine since high school. I am all kinds a shades of gray!

Angela said...

Cant wait to see the new do! Like Kat, I've been coloring off and on for ages. But yes, a good color and cut can make almost everything right with the world! You deserve it!

Jane In The Jungle said...

LOL, girl you know I am all about a good dye job!!!!!


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