Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Morning Eye Candy and an update

I'm trying to get back in the swing of things this week and what better way to start a week than a little eye candy. Here we go!

Gilles Marini
This French hottie broke onto the scene as Samantha's neighbor in the Sex & the City movie and became a household name during his stint on Dancing with the Stars. He is currently lighting up the screen with a multi-episode arc on Brothers & Sisters.

Bryan Voltaggio
I know I've mentioned my love affair with "reality tv" before. Top Chef is a show that I've seen since it started several seasons ago. This season is a treat to watch each week as one of the best chefs is a total cutie! He's the chef/owner of VOLT in Maryland. One more reason I should plan a trip up north.

Madison Hildebrand
Ok, clearly I watch too much "reality tv". And I happen to love Bravo. And a ridiculous show called Million Dollar Listing. The show is made tolerable by this adorable young hotshot with the dazzling smile. And yes, I know he's very "pretty". Sigh.

Jesse Williams
Oh my head. I was really hoping that Grey's Anatomy would pull it together this season and give me a reason to watch each week. And here he is. This new cutie needs a "Mc" name and stat! And those eyes. Oh my...thud.

Now that we've started our week off with a bang, here's a little housekeeping.

Thank you all for the well-wishes for my kiddos (and me)! The girls are doing much much better and I've made it through with my sanity intact. I'm looking forward to heading back to the grind and sending the kids back to school!

For anyone who missed it and wants to get in on the Thanksgiving Swap that I'm hosting, today is your last day to sign up. Here's the post about it outlining the details. If you're interested in joining in, please send me an email. It's going to be fun!

Tuesday is going to be an exciting day here because I'll be hosting my first product review with a giveaway! And it's a great one for anyone looking to get some early holiday shopping done.

This week is going to have some updates with a few of the many things that we've been doing this Fall so far! The kids and our puppy have gotten so big and there will be lots of pictures to share.

So, with that, thanks for stopping by and have a great Monday!


Heather said...

Wow, this was a chock-full-of-info post. But the best part? That pic of Jesse Williams. I have not caught an episode of Grey's yet this season; you have just given me reason to do so.

Hope you have a great (and healthy) week. Looks like the bug has made a stop at our house; I've got Elijah sick in his bed right now with a fever of 103 :(

Two more weeks, sister!

Smoochiefrog said...

Well if you do come up here to go to Volt, make sure you stop by and say hi to me! :)

Jane In The Jungle said...

Gilles Marini
Just makes me sweat......

Glad all of y'all are better!!

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Oh my... Million Dollar Listing.. mE TOO!!!!

But the one guy - Chad? EVERY SINGLE time I look at him, ALL I can think is Albert Ingalls.

Kathy said...

Definitely make the trip to Volt - the food is delicious! And if you're lucky, as I was, cutiepie Bryan can be seen wandering about the restaurant.

Brandy said...

I like the other brother - Michael. But they are both lookers...& cookers. (Hardy har har!)

And Madison is my least favorite on that show. He's too...something. I don't know, but I like the other two more.

Chelle said...

Hello, Monday! I so agree...and Grey's is going to be great with McHottie on there...I love Thursday nites!

CaraBee said...

Clearly I need to start watching Top Chef, because I had no idea about that guy. Va-va-voom!

brainella said...

Gilles Marini made Brothers and Sisters so lovely. I still have the new episode to watch this morning...I'm behind. He's so lovely...... :)

Angela said...

Whoa! I'll take Gilles any day of the week! Gorgeous...

So glad the girls are back on track and feeling better!

I wish I could join in the swap, but that is our Pigeon Forge weekend and I have learned my lesson on swaps that fall when I'm traveling. But it sounds like so much fun and I love the theme!

Jen said...

I'm only about a 50 minute drive from Volt...must go there IMMEDIATELY!!!

I'm seriously LOVING the new guy from beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Uh oh.... No post from you since Monday? I hope all's well with you guys!

Tam said...

All I hear is that song I want Candy running through my head everytime I look at you Monday Eye Candy Posts!


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