Monday, October 5, 2009

What Makes Me Laugh

Periodically, I like to share links of bloggers who make me laugh. And I don't mean a chuckle. I'm talking tears down my face, hyperventilating laughter that goes on for 10 minutes. And if you think I'm joking, just ask Shannon about my response to almost walking THROUGH her screen door last week. Yes, I'm still laughing about it.

I hope you guys enjoy these entries as much as I did. If not, please humor me anyway. M'thanks!

Holly at June Cleaver Nirvana rarely fails to amuse me. This gem is a tale of a boat trip gone wrong.

If you have never visited Cake Wrecks, well, you have been missing some of the most hilarious stuff on the web. Jen's dry wit is something I admire! This particular entry just struck me with huge amounts of hilarity because Big A is currently going through a Scooby Doo obsession.

Happy Hour Sue has been mentioned here before and there's a good reason. She's freakin' hilarious! Anyone who, like me, is not a fan of those ridiculous Duggars in Arkansas will appreciate this entry.

Happy Hour Sue strikes again with this entry that even brought my hubby to tears of laughter. Introducing the lighter side of terrorists.

And to wrap this up, I bring you a trifecta of hilarious entries. Emails from Crazy People consistently has some of the funniest stuff that I've ever read. This is an exchange between neighbors that gets WAY out of hand.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Happy Tuesday!


Shannon said...

I can't believe you mentioned the screen door! BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I promise when you come over this week I'll have the porch light on so you can see where you're walking! HA!

Having my neighbor in mind... I'm a tad bit afraid of reading the email link!

Brandy said...

I haven't read any of these and so far it's been a shitty day so I'm looking forward to laughing!

As for the screen, you aren't the only one that has done that. A couple years ago a guy actually knocked down & bent my dad's because he ran into it so hard. LOL!

Tam said...

I once actually thought my grandmothers glass door was open and I fell through the Glass! We still laugh about it but it also is a testament to HOW WELL she cleaned her glass!!!

Angela said...

I'm glad I had not already brought lunch to my desk when I read these because I would have choked. to death. Those are freaking hysterical and now i've got to go fix my eye makeup before I can go downstairs and warm up my lunch. I look like I've been crying and my sides hurt from laughing so hard. Thanks for sharing!!

Texasholly said...

You are so super sweet to include me! Thanks so much. I haven't been blogging as much lately so this is HUGE that you remembered my post.

Thanks again.

Michelle said...

LOVE it. Crushed that you don't think *I'M* funny, but I'll live ;)

And really? Screen door? That's definitely one to remember!

Sweetie Pieties said...

those were hilarious! I laughed out loud at the Scooby Doos (or should I say Don'ts) and the Duggars entries. Thanks for the comic relief! Keep 'em coming!


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