Thursday, September 10, 2009

You can call me Al - Part 2

As I've told you previously, Little A has quite the talent for giving her toys names that she prefers.

Here's the setup. I'm driving myself and the girls to dinner a couple of weeks ago and suddenly I hear a gasp in the backseat.

Little A: Mommy! Oh no! Mabel fell down. Can you please get him?

Me: Who is Mabel?

Big A: You know, the one that is black and red and white and has yellow on it.

Me: ???

When I arrived at the next red light, I turned around and found Mabel in the floorboard.

Meet Mabel.

After laughing hysterically, I informed the girls that this is a vulture.

Immediately after my proclamation, I was informed that HIS name is Mabel. End of story.

Darn these cute kids and their active imaginations.


Tam said...

LOL LOL tooo funny!

brainella said...

That's too funny. We have the opposite problem. Dominic names everything what it is. His beanbag frog is Froggy. His yellow bear is called yellow guy. His panda is called panda.

He can tell the most outrageous stories but cannot pick actual names for things. :)

Jane In The Jungle said...

She is soooo cute!!

Did I tell ya bout the time we had a REAL vulture in the backyard????? His name may have been Mabel, I didn't ask!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brandy said...

Poor Mabel.

Diana said...

we have our own Mabel, and most of the rest of the zoo :)

Michelle said...

Oohhhhh, I feel for you. I think we should get our kids together for a playdate. Except that they'd probably fight over the names. ;) I can never keep track of who is who because it keeps changing!

Angela said...

I LOVE the name Mabel...for a vulture. That is hilarious!! ;-)) She's such a cutie.


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