Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wreck This Journal

Good morning ladies! I am finally back to my normal routine after one busy week last week. I am officially Mrs. Tonya Riggs...yay!!! Anywho...this is what's going on in my journal lately...

This was a very hard task for me. My left hand doesn't work so good.
I had to get creative with drawing around me hand!
This was just fun...but a big part of me wanted to stay INSIDE the lines. :)
I had to use my scrapbooking scissors for this one.
I don't have a stapler at home...I think that was the only thing that was missing.
I hope you guys are having a great week and I look forward to seeing your journey and Angie's next week! Don't forget to link up if you are participating!


Kristen said...

aww I love it! My language arts class has to keep a "writing journal" and we can do whatever we want. I am pretty exited about it :)

Angela said...

Looks like fun! Angie showed me her journal on her last visit. I am not sure I can bring myself to destroy such a lovely book if I get one, but I love the idea of it!

Lula! said...

I MUST get this journal.

lynn said...

Coming out of my lurker mode.....I love this idea. I need this journal! I'm usually so careful and picky with my stuff I need something to let loose on. lol Gonna try and find one this week and join in next time.


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